CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza | New Ferran Adrià concept opens in Turin


  • CONDIVIDERE by LavazzaCONDIVIDERE by Lavazza
  • CONDIVIDERE by LavazzaCONDIVIDERE by Lavazza
  • CONDIVIDERE by LavazzaCONDIVIDERE by Lavazza
  • CONDIVIDERE by LavazzaCONDIVIDERE by Lavazza

While planning a trip to France and Italy for September I came across restaurant CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza in Turin. I will most certainly try to make a reservation while in Turin but I think more foodies would love to make a detour for this restaurant. CONDIVIDERE will be housed in the new Lavazza headquarters in the heart of Turin, a symbol of a city that wants to be a leader in haute cuisine, as well as the capital of Italian coffee. CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza is commissioned by Lavazza and designed by Ferran Adrià. The interior space has been designed by Dante Ferretti, while the kitchen and the management of the restaurant will be supervised by Federico Zanasi, a young and brilliant Italian chef. According to some news sites the restaurant will open today the 8th of June, we wish the team lots of fun and success! 

CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza | Sharing the history of Italian cuisine

‘Condividere’ in Latin means “divide” and “with” and it’s also the name of Lavazza’s new gourmet restaurant ‘CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza’. It’s the expression of a new flavour philosophy, a new way of consuming food inspired by the informal sharing of original dishes. CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza takes its cue from the history of Italian cuisine, which Zanasi analysed for months under the careful guidance of Adrià, following the Sapiens methodology of the elBulli Foundation, and also studying the texts of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Italy. Zanasi then reinterpreted it with a skilful mix of tradition and innovation, the emphasis always on high quality raw materials. A haute cuisine within everyone’s reach, which is a nod to the informal and typically Hispanic approach on the one hand, and the desire to rediscover the characteristic conviviality of Sunday lunch, a wholly Italian tradition, on the other.

Five hundred square meters of taste and experience: CONDIVIDERE will bring the “cathedral” – the Enel power station on the site of Lavazza’s new head office – back to life. Federico Zanasi will oversee the menu and lead the team in the new restaurant. Steadfast and determined, 42-year-old Zanasi was the chef of the restaurant in the Hotel Principe delle Nevi in Cervinia from 2012. His CV shows nine years with Moreno Cedroni and, in 2011, the award for the best Sous Chef of the Year. “The philosophy behind the new CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza restaurant is unique. Everything stems from a systematic study of Italian raw materials, from the story of their origin, from the explanation of their history and their evolution: this is the basis of the gastronomic experience of CONDIVIDERE. It is a true Food Democracy which aims to create a pleasant environment and informal sharing that makes everyone feel at ease”, says Federico Zanasi.

Check out the restaurant in the new Lavazza building:


Website: CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza

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