Coffee with…


Coffee with… oatmeal? Coffee with biscuits which you can dip in chocolate sauce? A cup specially designed to warm up your doughnut? Espresso with ice cubes? It all exists.

We have written about original sweets with your coffee before. But in the meanwhile we found some new ideas to share with you!

Coffee with… your breakfast in it?

Would you like an oatmeal latte? Exactly, a latte with oatmeal and a double espresso in it! No more coffee with your breakfast, but your breakfast in your coffee! You could make up a lot of variants for the coffee breakfasts. On YouTube we found some examples with Matcha tea.

Coffee with… biscuits and chocolate sauce

We have written about it before, the biscuit with your coffee! In this article we have some more inspiring examples. For example, in Rome we got melted chocolate to dip your biscuit in. Try to keep your hands of that!

Coffee with… a biscuit on top of it

There are people who like to warm up their caramel waffles before eating them. Well if you’re one of them, this cup is specially made for you! The ‘best morning ever coffee mug’, is made to put your biscuit or doughnut on to warm it up before eating.

And since we’re talking about coffee…

We would love to see more cold espresso on the Dutch menu’s! Just a nice cold espresso with ice cubes. They serve it everywhere in the south of Europe and you already have the ingredients to make it yourself!

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