Coffee jelly | the new craze in coffee


In April we wrote about the raindrop cake. Whether it’s actually a cake or a bite of water doesn’t matter it was a hot topic in New York City! Now we spotted coffee jelly and that’s just what it is, jelly made of coffee, topped with cream.

Coffee jelly, popular in Japan

Although jelly goes way back in time, the coffee jelly somehow pops up as new at coffee chains in Japan. And to be honest, we think that if you love jelly, coffee adds a new flavour and made with great espresso for example, it might taste great. Topped with cream, it might even serve as your caffeinated morning surprise. It’s easy to make; just brew coffee the way you like it, mix it with sugar and gelatine powder, refrigerate it and slice it in cubes once it’s set. Couldn’t be more easy and just top it with whipped cream. This drink is spotted at a twitter account of Starbucks Japan where they served a coffee jelly with custard and Frappuccino during the months of July and August.

At the website of the Huffington Post, an instruction video of how to recreate Starbucks coffee jelly drink at home. Above an instruction video how to make coffee jelly.

Bron: Huffington Post

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