Coffee jam with Kopi Dua Coffee


  • Boerderijhoen met koffieroomijs en CantherellenBoerderijhoen met koffieroomijs en cantherellen
  • Allard-en-Jason-bestuderen-de-MocktailCoffee Jam 2014
  • Pure chocolade met vulling van mousse rendang geserveerd met cold brew koffiePure chocolade met vulling van mousse rendang geserveerd met cold brew koffie
  • Mocktail van koffie-mango-ijs en ginger ale op straatMocktail van koffie-mango-ijs en ginger ale
  • koffiegerechtenGerechten Coffee Jam

Kopi Dua Exquisite Coffee has invited some chefs to inspire them with coffee-food pairings. The chefs were invited at restaurant The Raffles in The Hague and at arrival they were served a mocktail with espresso, mango ice cream and ginger-ale. From there, the senses were stimulated by starting with dessert. The dishes were explained by chef Pascal Jalhay and Kopi Dua provided the explanation of the coffee being served. Coffee was not only being served as drink but also processed as ingredient.

Some examples of coffee-food pairings

• Dark chocolate with Rendang mousse being served with the Kopi Dua Cold Brew (coffee with coarse grinding, brewed for 20 hours at 2 degrees).
• Mackerel smoked on coffee.
• A dish of oyster and coffee by Bram Hellemans (Zout & Citroen).
• Mini profiterols with coffee and lime serehtopping by Jamie van Heije.

Coffee served in wine glasses

Like tea certain types of coffee are served in wine glasses. Kopi Dua serves their ‘oldfashioned filtercoffee’ Madu Dua from Sumatra, at the table through a Chemex and pours it into wine glasses.

Food pairing with tea and coffee popular

This week we wrote about the Dilmah ‘School of Tea’. Combining tea and coffee with various dishes is not new, but there are still very few restaurants doing it. It provides a surprising effect if the standard combination with wine is replaced with tea or coffee during one of the dishes. This may trigger your guests to discuss their perfect pairing suggestions with you.


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