Cocktail inspiration | From classic British children’s books


  • Hunny PotHunny Pot
  • Mr Tumnas TippleMr Tumnas Tipple
  • Float Like a PeachFloat Like a Peach
  • Dream JarDream Jar
  • Half a Pint oÔÇÖButtahHalf a Pint oÔÇÖButtah
  • Languid CaterpillarLanguid Caterpillar
  • Lost and FoundLost and Found
  • Rabbits RemedyRabbits Remedy
  • X Marks the SpotX Marks the Spot

The Soho cocktail spot The Blind Pig has created a whole new cocktail menu inspired by children’s stories, this menu is entitled ‘Long and Short Great British Tails’. For example they recreated the Hunny Pot from Winnie the Pooh…

Here in the Netherlands we have the bubbles of Jip and Janneke but we wonder what kind of cocktail will be served if you create a famous Dutch story into a cocktail? Take the story of Hans Brinker from the book The Silver Skates about the boy with his finger in the dyke? Well we hope to inspire those who create cocktails and we think the taste must be a little salty …

Cocktail inspiration from The Blind Pig

Lots of British children’s books seem to feature drinks. Everybody knows the Hunny Pot of Winnie the Pooh but we and probably a lot of people in the Netherlands, never heard of Mr. Tumnus Tipple The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Although the Rabbit’s Remedy from Peter Rabbit and the Lost & Found from Paddington Bear sound familiar. We found the ingredients of the Hunny Pot in an article at The Nudge, it seems to combine rum, salted butter, mead, honey, apple brandy and orange bitters. They also serve butterbeer on tap from the books of Harry Potter and they serve cocktails in the Dream Jars from Roald Dahl’s The Big Friendly Giant. Check out their entire cocktail menu here.

The Blind Pig is a hidden Soho speakeasy run by the people at Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House, located at 58 Poland Street, London.

Bron: The nudge 

Website: Social eating house

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