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Greenflash Wine introduces a new cocktail in the Netherlands: Barbera Tonic. This tough mix originates in the Italian region Piemont. The basis of the traditionally made Chinato is the Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G. The Barbera Chinato is a delicious aperitif drink, but really surprising ‘in the mix’ with tonic or ‘G&T’. This creates a refreshing, dark red cocktail in the style of an Aperol Spritz.

Cocktail Barbera Tonic

The roots of Barbera Tonic are located in the hills of Nizza Monferrato in the region Piedmont. Here, barman Alessandro Carucci discovered shortly before the annual Barbera party that the Chinato is perfectly suited in a cocktail. The first successful experiments took place in his cocktail bar Cugini di Torino in Nizza – Monferrato. The public at the Vinitaly 2017 was able to taste the Barbera Tonic. Nearly 5000 people visited his small stand to taste the cocktail, Barbera Tonic became a hit right away!

Outside Piemont, the reputation of Barbera Tonic has grown rapidly. Also at Instagram the drink is popular. Here, barman and explorer Alessandro Carucci puts the most artistic photos with #barberatonic to tell the world that a new cocktail has been born. The fresh and elegant Barbera is a blue grape variety that occurs frequently in the hills of Piedmont and especially of Monferrato. The Carucci Barbera Chinato is bright red and has a soft, slightly bitter taste from an ‘infusion of carrots and herbs’. The smell is spicy with perceptions of ripe red fruit and a low alcohol percentage of 16 percent.

The recipes: You can of course serve a Carucci Barbera Chinato on the rocks with a slice of orange but the cocktails are more tempting! The perfect Barbera Tonic is prepared in a large wine glass. The Chinato of Carucci can be bought at Greenflash Wijn in the Netherlands.

Barbera Tonic: 6 cl Carucci Barbera Chinato with 12 cl Tonic and Ice

Barbera Gin Tonic: 6 cl Carucci Barbera Chinato with 4 cl Dry Gin and 12 cl Tonic

Carucci Barbera Chinato American: 3 cl Campari bitter, 3 cl Barbera Chinato Carucci and 3 drops (Artemisia) sweet asem or Ging Hao with a shot of soda water and lime peel.


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