Cloud eggs | Inspiration for Mothersday!


We will be celebrating Mothersday this Sunday in the Netherlands and we spotted an article at Fine Dining Lovers about these cloud eggs! Wouldn’t they be great at your breakfast tray this Sunday or any other day? They are easy to make, according to the instruction video above. It’s one of the latest craze on Instagram. Well, we’re pleasantly surprised by this hype, it’s must taste great, the only ingredients are egg white, egg yolk and a small hand of Parmigiano cheese. It doesn’t involve any additives or colouring dyes.

How to make the cloud eggs?

Separate the egg white from the yolk. Whip the egg white till it’s firm, add some Parmigiano. Take out a baking tray, put some egg white on it, make a nest in the middle and bake at around 230°C for 5 minutes. Add the egg yolk, according your mothers wishes (soft or hard boiled eggs) cook it for another few minutes until ready.  Must be tasty with bacon, ham or sausages!

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