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What happens in your hotel with the bathroom amenities? The best thing that could happen, is that your guest will take them home and when in their bathroom they get regularly reminded of their stay at your hotel. In most hotels, the soaps, shampoo, conditioner are replaced every day. But what do you do with the leftovers? Throwing them away isn’t sustainable at all.

Bathroom amenities are thrown away

That’s what Shawn Seipler, founder of company Clean the World asked himself as well during the many trips he makes. During one of his hotel visits, he went to the hotel reception and asked the receptionist what was done with all the bathroom amenities leftovers. “They throw it away,” said the receptionist.

Only in the United States they roughly throw away one million leftovers per day already. Worldwide around five million. At that moment, Shawn Seipler decided to take action and developed a plan that had to prevent this waste.

Clean the World recycles hotel bathroom amenity leftovers

Once Shawn learned soap can be melted down, reformed and recycled, he designed a process to do this for all bathroom amenities that hospitality businesses offer.

Hotels that collaborate with Clean the World pay the company 50 cents per room per month to have their soaps recycled. In return, Clean the World provides all the equipment, transportation and training that the cleaning staff needs to efficiently run the business. All the recycled soap goes to charities like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Worldwide already 5000 hotels participate

Clean the World currently has plants in Orlando, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Montreal and India. In the United States, around 5000 hotels participate, including all of Disney’s hotels, most of the hotels in the Las Vegas Strip and places in New York and Chicago.

Support the project!

For guests: if you want to support the project, you can ask the hotel that you’ve visit if they already are a member of the ‘Clean the World’ project. A better environment starts with yourself, right;-)? For hotel owners: maybe it’s be time to request a plant in Europe?

Bron: HouseBeautiful

Website: Clean The World

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