Christmas at Rolf’s in New York | Can you top their Christmas decorations?


We’re always willing to give some free publicity for great Christmas decoration ideas! Recently we spotted Rolf’s German restaurant in New York City. They have been famous for their Christmas decorations for years now and they have a lot of old videos to proof that! Their Christmas decoration is absolutely over the top and according to most on the internet, gorgeous. If you think you can beat them, let us know!

Christmas decorations

Rolf’s German Restaurant is located in Manhattan in Gramercy Park at 22nd street & 3rd Avenue and it has been located there for over 40 years! It’s an old-school German Restaurant, offering dishes from the Alsace and Germany. Check out their Christmas Gallery of pictures, it must feel like sitting in Winter Wonderland! According to their website, you can eat in Christmas heaven from September and the decoration will remain on display till May 2018. Their cuisine is a mixture from French and German cuisine. French from the Alsace with dishes like, Choucroute Alsasienne or in German sauerkraut, schnitzels, German potato salad, Sauerbraten, Bratwurst, Knackwurst or Weisswurst.

Website: Rolf's German Restaurant

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