Children’s mayor opens treasure hunt ‘Max en de Gouden Strooplepel’


  • Kinderburgermeester bij de opening van De Noordelingen SpeurtochtKinderburgermeester bij de opening van De Noordelingen Speurtocht
  • Max & de Gouden Strooplepel - restaurant 't NoordenMax & de Gouden Strooplepel - restaurant 't Noorden
  • kinderspeurtocht De Noordelingen bij restaurant 't Noordenkinderspeurtocht De Noordelingen bij restaurant 't Noorden

The honor went to the brand-new children’s mayor of the Dutch city of Aalten Timon Grevink to open the new treasure hunt ‘Max en de Gouden Strooplepel’ (Max and the golden syrup spoon) of restaurant ‘t Noorden van Aalten. On Tuesday, 26 October, he got the first copy of the book and was the  first to search for the golden syrup spoon in the playground. The story reveals that the spoon is crucial for making ‘De Noordelingen’ syrup, essential for pancakes.

Inspiration for pancake restaurants from a restaurant in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

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The Northerners

Under the ground of the playground of restaurant ‘t Noorden in Aalten live little elf-like earthmen: The Northerners. They are gnome-like people with traits of German goblins and Scandinavian elves. They are known to be sweet and helpful. They do all kinds of chores for people, because then they get tasty pancakes as a reward. The story is enriched with the history of the restaurant ‘t Noorden, from the Mill in 1866 where it all started to the High Slide to the Train.

Finding the safe code in the treasure hunt ‘Max en de Gouden Strooplepel’

During the treasure hunt through the playground, numbers must be found or guessed to crack the safe code, because in this safe Max accidentally put the golden syrup spoon without remembering the code. Now, Chef Joris cannot make the syrup, and it is the children’s job to help Max in his quest. The story includes natural, creative and playful elements in the outdoor playground. Perfect for children aged 8 and over! Are the children a little younger? Then guidance from a parent is desirable to read the story to the children. The booklet can be purchased for 4.95 and can also be combined with a ‘High Ranja’ (lemonade party) for a children’s party.


Besides the treasure hunt, there is also a 2.5-kilometre walk where you can do various games such as making forest perfume, play a game of tag with trees, cloud watching and listening like an owl. The emphasis on nature is a nice complement to the insect hotels and the Tourist Transfer Point realized earlier this year at restaurant ‘t Noorden. From November, there will be a healthier children’s menu in the style of The Northerners. Work is also currently underway to create an improved interpretation of the playground with nature at its heart. Watch the opening in the video below.

We wrote about the initiative of the owners of restaurant ‘t Noorden for their ‘Boergondisch Weekend’.

Website: Restaurant 't Noorden 

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