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Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde, or ‘De Jongens’ (the guys), behind the concept of the WASBAR, will open Chez Claire this spring. At Chez Claire they will sell luxurious ‘haute éclairs’ as you can’t find them anywhere else in Belgium and they will open simultaneously in Antwerp and in Ghent. If you like éclairs, some new addresses if you’re visiting one of these cities!

Qualitatively sinning with haute éclairs & champagne

Dries & Yuri made their name and fame in 2012 with their innovative WASBAR concept, which gained a lot of international press and won several awards worldwide. In 2015 the WASBAR was sold to Top Brands. The éclair, the ‘patéke’ of their grandmothers, will make a comeback in 2018! Chez Claire will introduce the haute éclair.

New & improved. Move over, macaron.

In no less than 13 flavours (including pistachio, salted caramel crisp and triple dark chocolate) and a version for fans with food intolerances, Chez Claire puts together a nice menu that you can taste on the spot or take with you wrapped as a gift. Meanwhile, the patisserie chef of Chez Claire is already experimenting with vegan éclairs, so that everyone can soon enjoy these delicious pastries. Chez Claire will also offer its own brand champagne ‘Cuvée Claire’, so that you can consume your favorite flavour éclair on the spot with a glass of champagne. If you prefer something more traditional, you can also order a cup of coffee.

Design studio Pinkeye is responsible for the design of the new store, they were also involved in the WASBAR. Chez Claire is expected to open at the end of February.

Website: haute éclairs

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