Chef-in-Residence program for new culinary talent in Copenhagen


  • A Chef-in-Residence program for culinary talent by Cook It Raw & The SocialistA Chef-in-Residence program for culinary talent by Cook It Raw & The Socialist

Cook It Raw, the globe-trotting chefs event drawing Michelin’s top talent, is reactivating with a new purpose – to seek out and promote up-and-coming culinary talents and help them explore the role of gastronomy in our global future. The event-based organization has found a new home at the Socialist, a new boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, where it will launch a Chef-in-Residence program. To mark the occasion, a special dinner will be hosted by the legendary Albert Adrià (el Bulli, Tickets, Enigma) on Thursday November 24th at the hotel’s Bobo Food Studio.

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Cook It Raw creates a Chef-in-Residence program for emerging chefs

The Chef-in-Residence program will bring new and vibrant talent to one of the world’s culinary capitals, giving emerging chefs a platform for their creativity and a chance to collaborate with Cook It Raw’s Alessandro Porcelli. Every month, Cook It Raw will host dinner events at the Socialist, alternating between new chefs and culinary leaders to showcase their menus to Copenhagen’s most discerning diners.

Applications to the chef-in-Residence program

Starting December 1st, applications to the Chef-in-Residence program can be made through the Cook It Raw website, where chefs must submit a concept note on their approach to cuisine as well as answer questions on their role within the industry and what they envision the future of culinary innovation will be.

First to the plate will be Michelin-starred chefs Gal Ben Moshe & Jaqueline Lorenz of Prism, in Berlin. Their cuisine is a contemporary reflection of Levantine food culture using regional, seasonal ingredients. Each dish is enhanced by hand-picked wines and beverages from Levant. Next, Mexican celebrity chef Benito Molina of Manzanilla will bring his Baja freshness, spice and flair to heat up nordic palates in February. Following will be the soulful and sustainable dishes of New York chef and author Will Horowitz of Duck’s Eatery and the former Harry & Ida’s.

Jan. 17-21, 2023: Gal Ben Moshe & Jaqueline Lorenz – Prism / Berlin

Feb. 23-25, 2023: Benito Molina – Manzanilla / Ensenada, Baja California

Mar. 7-11, 2023: Will Horowitz author & owner – Duck’s Eatery / NYC

Tickets are available for purchase via the Socialist starting Monday, November 7th at 12pm.

As the world reconnects and reimagines a kinder, more close-knit way forward, Cook It Raw finds renewed purpose. A time of culinary metamorphosis is underway — follow along as the story takes shape on @cookitraw and @hotelthesocialist.

About Cook It Raw

Cook It Raw was founded in 2009 by culinary curator Alessandro Porcelli, Cook It Raw’s mission has been to help chefs explore the possibilities and potential of cuisine through immersive experiences — by investigating local food systems, exploring sustainable food chains, learning about product life cycles and gaining a holistic and unique understanding of regionality. We wrote about another initiative of Cook It Raw back in 2011.

About the Socialist, a Tribute Portfolio hotel

A homage to Danes’ reputation as champagne-drinking socialists, the Socialist is a boutique design hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Located inside a former electrical transformer station, the Socialist brings together the creative forces of Copenhagen spanning the arts, design, music and cooking, serving as a platform for young, up-and-coming collaborators to showcase their ideas and talents to locals and visitors alike.

The hotel’s Bobo Food Studio is a space of culinary innovation and experimentation, and is led by chefs João Miragaia and Gustavo Cigagna. The Socialist is a member hotel of Marriott International and its loyalty program, Bonvoy®.

Website: Cook It Raw and The Socialist

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