Cheese Tea | Very successful in China and invading the U.S.


Okay, you say cheese tea? You really mean cheese and tea in the same cup? Yes, tea topped with cheese! Spotted and originated in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s southern Guangdong province at HEYTEA tea house. The concept has spread from the street stalls of Taiwan to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and even to New York’s Flushing neighborhood, where Happy Lemon serves the tea in four flavors, including chocolate. In the video above Jenny Zheng, from the in Los Angeles based, Little Fluffy Head Café, explains the idea behind the cheese tea.

Cheese Tea in Los Angeles

Little Fluffy Head Café is one of the first cheese tea boba shops of its kind in Los Angeles, giving customers the familiar taste of deeply adored boba drinks, with an added twist of a creamy foamy layer of cheese. Little Fluffy Head Café specializes in small-batch, cheese-topped brews with names like Dirty Mess Milk Tea and Camouflage Matcha. From what we read on the social media the cheese tastes a bit salty and it topped on iced tea.

Tea and cheese pairing does work!

Betty Koster from the ‘Fromagerie l’Amuse’ (a cheese store) in Amsterdam told us back in 2011 and we’ve tried it at home! The combination of Dilmah tea with cheese is delicious! The warmth of the tea in combination with the cheese – it literally melts on your tongue. Serve the tea in wineglasses. I sometimes still drink a cup of tea with my cheese! But the foamy cheese layer on top of iced tea?

”Well, lets not judge before we’ve tasted it. Let us now if you do! ^Marjolein”

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