Celebrating Easter with smaller, luxurious treats


  • The Chick Buns from the Bun House in London
  • The 'COKIP-19' by Patisserie de Rouw
Two examples, one  from the Bun House, a Cantonese-style steamed bun specialist in London and one from Patisserie de Rouw in Vught (the Netherlands). The Bun House will be launching their limited-edition ‘Easter Chick bun’ set to celebrate Easter. Available from the 26th of March to the 4th April, the delicately shaped buns will be available in-store at Bun House’s Chinatown home and for delivery to doorsteps across the country. But we also spotted the Easter chicks, COKIP-19, by the Dutch Patisserie de Rouw. They’re wearing a Covid proof mask! Check out all their images!

Great is that both examples are fairly small treats. As Arthur de Rouw points out in his press release, the new Easter items are somewhat smaller in size, which is in line with a number of trends he spotted in the pastry world and which are partly caused by the corona crisis. According to him, it is the smaller, luxurious indulgences that colours our lives.

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We totally agree with the small, luxurious treats trend, it’s kind of like the treats at a high tea in the United Kingdom, we always love those and you can eat a couple of them! Check out this Easter high tea at the Claridge’s hotel for example:


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Easter at the Bun House

Founded by husband and wife duo Z He and Alex Peffly, Bun House is known for its innovative takes on traditional Cantonese flavours, and signature seasonal buns. Bun-lovers will be able to indulge in the Easter Chick bun set of three, each filled with creamy coconut Kaya butter, a sweet Malaysian jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel. To complete the look, the dough is carefully coloured and each special bun is finished with an orange beak and red comb before being steamed to soft, pillowy perfection.

The ‘COKIP-19’ from Patisserie de Rouw

Patisserie de Rouw has expanded the Easter range with special chocolate figures, including the ‘COKIP-19’with a mouth mask, a wink to the current COVID-19 situation. The funny yellow chicken has a mouth mask and is literally and figuratively well filled. Her round (corona) belly is filled with delicious light rice crispy. In addition, the company of Doris and Arthur de Rouw in Vught is responding to the trend of smaller luxury indulgences with new innovations. Like a Mother Hen of milk chocolate, placed in an egg shell of Dulcey chocolate filled with light rice-crispy and nut blend. The ‘Coole Kip’, which wears sunglasses. This chicken is made of Dulcey chocolate, filled with light rice-crispy and finished with marzipan. For lovers of diamonds and sleek (3D) designs, there is the beautiful diamond-shaped 3D-Egg of dark and Dulcey chocolate on a base of Dulcey chocolate with feuilletine.


Website: Bun House & Patisserie de Rouw

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