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For years, we have seen all kinds of examples of Container Urbanism. Student houses in Amsterdam, foodtrucks, hotels, markets that are made up of containers and hotels as well. The Ccasa Hostel in Vietnam is made up of three stacked shipping containers that function as rooms in the hotel. The recycled hotel was intended for backpackers more so than long-staying tourists and it provides a multitude of features that promote interactions much like hostels do.

Ccasa Hostel

It is not an ordinary hostel. The sea containers used by the Ccasa Hostel are recycled and living their second life. The hostel was designed based on the idea of cabin beds on luxury train, with a total of 43 beds in 10 rooms. Everything you need is available in the three large stacked containers: beds, mattresses, pillows, sockets and a safe. The only thing you need to do yourself is shut down the curtains when you want some privacy.

Other facilities

The Ccasa hostel also has an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for BBQ parties. There is also a rooftop bar lounge where you can relax in one of the hangnuts. The laundry room is there to refresh you but can

Website: Ccasa Hostel

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