The Caveasy | Smart wine rack system


The first smart wine rack system, for all wine lovers who simply want to enjoy their wine, but also for the professional who wants to keep track on his or hers wine cellar. It’s a simple as this: take a picture of the label, put the bottle in your Caveasy One, and enjoy your wine at the right time. They’re crowdfunding via Indiegogo right now and it’s been backed for 105% with still a month to go!

The Caveasy | Winner of the wine innovation contest during the VinoCamp in Paris

This wine cellar is invented to store your wine smart and in a perfect condition. Besides that the wine is easy to locate, it is also kept at the right temperature and angle. The  is a story of a tech and wine enthusiasts. At VinoCamp Paris 2015, 33 entrepreneurs organized a pitch contest for wine innovation. The Caveasy team pitched a remarkable idea for a centuries-old problem: “How do we tackle the difficulties with storing wine?” The Caveasy won the judge and public price and is a new innovation for wine storing lovers and the hospitality industry, watch their promotion video.

 Never lose your wine anymore!

About an year ago I went out for dinner and the waiter suggested one of their bottles which had been aging in their cellar for a few years already. After 15 minutes of searching he came back without the bottle and told us he couldn’t find that particular wine. If that restaurant would have had the Caveasy system, they could have had avoided this problem. Nevertheless, he suggested us a great alternative. The Caveasy system is also telling you when the wine is ready to drink and even includes which food it would be great to pair with. So pre order it through Indiegogo and be one of the first to enjoy Caveasy to manage your stock perfectly or when you just want to enjoy a well paired wine at a perfect temperature.

Website: The Caveasy

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