The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir | La Boutique Gourmande by François Perret


  • Croissants - Ritz Paris Le Comptoir - @Bernhard Winkelmann
  • Dessert Drinks -Ritz Paris Le Comptoir - @Bernhard Winkelmann
  • Cheesecake - Ritz Paris Le Comptoir - @Bernhard Winkelmann
  • Sandwiches - Ritz Paris Le Comptoir - @Bernhard Winkelmann
  • Madeleines - Ritz Paris Le Comptoir @Bernhard Winkelmann
  • Interieur Ritz Paris Le Comptoir - @Bernhard Winkelmann
  • François Perret - Ritz Paris Le Comptoir - @Bernhard Winkelmann

I must admit that I am a real Francophile, and reading the press releases about the opening of Ritz Paris Le Comptoir on the 7th of June, really made me want to go back to Paris! High on my to-do-list would be picking up a croissant or a square piece of cheesecake with wild strawberries at Le Comptoir! François Perret has reinvented the croissant in the new Ritz Paris Le Comptoir store, this boutique gourmande is located at 38 rue Cambon a few blocks from the entrance of the hotel on Place Vendôme. With only a few seats (5 tables), it is mainly a takeaway boutique where, in addition to its ‘reinvented’ croissants, you can order luxury sandwiches, ‘les boissons pâtissières’, madeleines and lots of viennoiserie to go.

So if you go to Paris this summer, treat yourself to a visit to the boutique and enjoy your delicacies in a Parisian park! ^Marjolein

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The Munch platform in Hungary | Food, environmental and social awareness


  • MUNCH the platform to prevent food waste in Hungary
  • MUNCH the platform to prevent food waste in Hungary

Munch is a platform that enables restaurants, bakeries, shops, and hotels to sell or donate their unsold but high-quality food at a discounted price, offering it to consumers, who can also make donations.

Here we have the Too Good To Go app which is highly popular, but 4 students in Hungary created the platform Munch, also to prevent a food waste and thus creating food, environmental and social awareness. They even made a strategic partnership with the Hungarian Food Bank, which makes it possible for them to help those in need. This project called MunCharity, connects Munch customers and the people in need with the surplus food of the restaurants. A contribution by Katalin Gecsei from Hungary.

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Opening this summer | the biggest London restaurant by the Big Mamma Group, Ave Mario


  • Ave Mario - the biggest London restaurant by Big Mamma

The traditional osteria Ave Mario is London’s new place to pizza, cocktails, and good times. This 7,000 square feet of Italian heaven by the Big Mamma Group will open on the 25th of June by an enthusiastic bunch of 120 Italians.

We first came across the Big Mamma Group in Paris, we even wrote about their enthusiastic use of Instagram Stories in 2017, the guys working at their restaurants we’re really Instagrammable. The Group now has 2 restaurants (soon 3 with Ave Mario) in London, Gloria and Circolo Popolare. In Paris they have 7 restaurants, 1 bar and 1 Food Market. They also have restaurants in Lille (Osteria tradizionale Bellazza), Lyon (Cucina popolare Carmelo) and Madrid (Trattoria & Terrazza Bel Mondo). This is a great restaurant chain to visit if you’re in the neighbourhood!  

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Fruit and Vegetables Week | Launch ‘We’re Smart Academy’ and exclusive 5 Radishes Chefs Club


  • Week van de Groenten en Fruit
  • Smaakbom® Salsa met légumaise Thai en Ghoa cress
  • Recept watermeloen en venkelcarpaccio

Top international chefs will join forces in the We’re Smart Academy, starting on the 10th of May. They share their knowledge about healthy, ecological cuisine in webinars, manuals, cookbooks and Clubhouse sessions with other chefs, food companies and consumers. The academy gets off to a flying start on the first day of the Fruit and Vegetable Week. On the same day, We’re Smart World, the organization behind the week, launches the 5 Radishes Chef Club, an exclusive club for the 79 best vegetable restaurants in the world. 

When we see the enormous press interest in the transition of Daniel Humm from Eleven Madison Park (***) to only cooking vegetarian, it is unavoidable that there will also be a boost in vegetarian and vegan cooking. A very positive vibe towards healthier food! With 2 recipes in this article with the Vegetables of the year – Peppers and Fruit of the year 2021: Watermelon, both from the well-known vegetable chef Frank Fol. 

Reading time: 4 minutes, required time for the recipes are separately stated. 

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Concrete shares the design for restaurant Oh.lala… | A touch of France in hotel W Osaka!


  • Restaurant Oh.lala... in hotel W Osaka credits nacasa for concrete
  • Restaurant Oh.lala... in hotel W Osaka credits nacasa for concrete
  • Restaurant Oh.lala... in hotel W Osaka credits nacasa for concrete
  • Restaurant Oh.lala... in hotel W Osaka credits nacasa for concrete
  • Restaurant Oh.lala... in hotel W Osaka credits nacasa for concrete
  • Restaurant Oh.lala... in hotel W Osaka credits nacasa for concrete

Inspiration from the Amsterdam based multidisciplinary design studio concrete who signed for the design of restaurant Oh.lala… in the hotel W Osaka! We here at horecatrends like some of the design elements like the lamps, the dots, the wall with the copper pots and pans! And we love the name for the restaurant, it reminded us of restaurant Le Coucou in New York, another adorable French language joke!  

Located on the third floor of W Osaka, restaurant Oh.lala… offers an all-day international dining experience for its W guests, in collaboration with the chef of Michelin-star restaurant La Cime. Concrete’s local insight of the Japanese Love for French lifestyle & culture formed the inspiration for this bistro-diner. A French atmosphere combined with Osaka boldness: Oh.lala 

Reading time: 2 minutes 

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Limited-edition PAC-MAN pizza box featuring augmented reality game by Pizza Hut


  • PAC-MAN augmented reality game by Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut served up ‘Newstalgia’ campaign celebrating what fans know and love about the pizza restaurant, but with a contemporary twist. To bring the campaign to life, the brand unveiled a limited-edition PAC-MAN pizza box featuring an augmented reality game and a chance to win a custom PAC-MAN game cabinet back in March. The campaign did put a contemporary twist on celebrating all the things people love and associate with the brand – from Book It!® pins, classic arcade games, red cups and Tiffany-style lamps and of course, iconic Pizza Hut pizzas. 

Although the campaign has already ended we think it might be an inspiration for other restaurants to adsome nostalgia to their brand in one way or another. Lots of us loved to play PAC-MAN back in the day but also games like Tetris, Mario Kart and remember SimCity? We have all learned not to play with our food but this might be fun!  

Reading time: 2 minutes 

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Well-known trends on TikTok and how they can inspire your company


  • TikTok trend Pretty Lady FrappuTeano by Bui! Tea

TikTok has gained enormous popularity in the year 2020/2021. Due to the fact that we have been stuck at home the app has been able to grown immensely. The app started off with videos containing mostly dancing and singing, and it has now transformed into a marketing tool. We have written about how you can use TikTok for your company a while backNow Sammy van der Weijden has looked at fun and inspiring recipes and trends that she has spotted in the last few weeks. Some of them were not intended to be used for marketing purposes, but they have led to an increase in sales either way. Maybe these trends will inspire you  to create something similar for your restaurant! Which might cause an increase of visitor of generation Z.  

Reading time: 3 minutes and lots of fun links to TikToks 

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Juicy Marbles | Plant-based Filet Mignon steaks on the market


  • Juicy Marbles seasoning
  • Juicy Marbles filet mignon mushroom and oat creme
  • Juicy Marbles tenderloin
  • Juicy Marbles

Juicy Marbles from Ljubljana, Slovenia makes history with the first marbled steaks made from plants. With a patent pending on the name, Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000. The founders of Juicy Marbles have been able to mimic the muscle texture and marbling of meat by aligning and layering fibers from the bottom up with all-natural ingredients. 

Did you see the images of this Filet Mignon? It looks like a real Filet Mignon, we hope it will be available in the supermarkets in the Netherlands soon. We would love to taste it! If it’s really the first plant-based Filet Mignon? We recently also wrote about a plant-based version made of wagyu meat, called ‘Waygu’. This product by the Canadian company Top Tier Foods (TTF) is making a limited debut in the US with hopes of rolling out at 4,000 sushi locations nationwide. 

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French chef Cyril Lignac will be the new chef of the restaurant at the Amstel Hotel


  • The Amstel InterContintental Hotel

And we will make a reservation when it is possible! For everyone who has eaten at one of his restaurants in Paris, chef Cyril Lignac opens at the beginning of 2022 at the legendary Amstel Hotel! We have enjoyed our diners in his restaurant Le Chardenoux and Aux Prés, but he has three other restaurants called Ischia, Le Bar des Prés and Dragon. It is great to hear that this new chef will open a new culinary hotspot in Amsterdam, although we have enjoyed the switch of the kitchen of the restaurant at the Amstel Hotel to more simple and comfort dishes.

The restaurant at the legendary Amstel Hotel, owned by Katara Hospitality and managed by InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, becomes the first restaurant of the French celebrity chef, tv-star and author outside France. The restaurant, which is scheduled to open in 2022, will be based on Lignac’s successful formula in Paris.

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Accor announced the global launch of ‘Accor Key’ | A digital key solution


  • Accor Key, the digital key solution

Accor recently announced the global roll-out of its digital key solution, ‘Accor Key’, in line with the Group’s strategy to provide a contactless guest journey in its facilities. This exciting new step for Accor confirms its ambition to innovate and invest in high-quality technological solutions to deliver the very best and most convenient experience for its guests.

Following successful pilot programs in North America, Europe and Asia, the roll out will start in all new Accor hotels opening in 2021 and extend to existing properties with an objective to equip 500 hotels with Accor Key this year, and at least 50% of all rooms across the network within the next five years. By providing customers access to their rooms without a physical key, Accor will also help reduce the amount of plastic used for traditional key cards and cardboard for the key holder.

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