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The BillyBird park at Hemelrijk has introduced his own Toilet Experience. They reacted to our questionnaire with an explanation how one of our articles inspired them to create a new toilet building at the park.

Inspire not copy.

Last week we included a questionnaire in our trendmail (only in the Dutch version). Ton Derks recreation-entrepreneur from BillyBird park reacted with a perfect example of how we want to inspire entrepreneurs. In March we wrote about the Toilet Xperience’ on the Extrema Outdoor festival. The visitors of the festival could go to the Loo with a lot of extras. We published this article in our trendmail and Ton Derks got inspired to place three toilet units underneath the roof of a carousel. They created their own Toilet Experience, as shown above.

Did we inspire you? We love to hear it

A great example of how we love to inspire. We write 5 to 10 articles weekly with which we want to inspire entrepreneurs in the hospitality branch. It’s great to see a new twist to an old trend, we can’t all be innovators! Do you have similar examples, we love to write about it.

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TapFruit: a healthy and sustainable thirst-quencher


TapFruit is pure fruit to use in your tap water, without added sugars or any other nonsense. The founders made TapFruit to make tap water thirst-quencher number one again at the office, on the go or at home.

Fabian Roobeek and Ernst Visscher, the founders of TapFruit experienced a lack of alternative, healthy thirst-quenchers at the office. Tap water and syrups are often too sweet. TapFruit is fresh, fruity and unsweetened. The product is made from pure fruit puree and is not concentrated, has no artificial additives or sugar. It is easily preservable in handy stick packs. One stick contains 5 raspberries and one piece of pear. TapFruits fits a healthy diet, since one stick only contains 14 calories and 2,8 grams of fruit sugars. Fabian and Ernst think to offer an alternative; tap water with a natural twist and a delicious, fresh fruity taste.


With just 12 days to go the target amount to start selling TapFruit has been reached, of course the target amount has been adjusted so you can still join on One Planet Crowd. Besides tap water being healthy it also is a lot more sustainable and we’re lucky to have high quality tap water here in Northwest-Europe!

Founders of TapFruit

Fabian Roobeek and Ernst Visscher are the founders of Limo de Janeiro B.V., the company behind TapFruit. As previously mentioned they searched for an alternative, healthy thirst-quencher at the office, with TapFruit as the result after a lot of experimenting and collaborating with top experts. The founders of TapFruit not only try to convince people to live a healthier but also more sustainable lifestyle. The fruit is directly purchased from farmer Marinus Bunt from B&B Fruit in the Betuwe. Like this they can get the best fruit with a small sustainable footprint.

Ping-pongbar Daily Social will open in Amsterdam


  • Daily Social
  • Daily Social

Amsterdam will get the first ping-pongbar in the Netherlands. The ping-pongbar Daily Social will open this December and is a venue where the traditional table tennis has a leading role. Socializing while playing ping-pong!

Ping-pongbar Amsterdam

Daily Social combines sports and entertainment. The café offers nine different tennis tables, each accommodating up to 20 guests. The tables are suitable for large groups. Besides the sport a game of ping-pong is also entertainment and is good for team building! The Daily Social will soon open for all ages. As from 18:00, the bar is only accessible for people aged 21 and older. You can order a wide variety of drinks at the bar and there is also a small bar menu, including lots of snacks and salads.

International ping-pongbar

We have seen more ping-pongbars worldwide, so they are not new. We spotted for example the Spin, ping-pongbars  in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. An alternative for our snooker & poolcafés. We wonder if hip Amsterdam will play ping-pong here and if we will see more ping-pongbars in the Netherlands. After all there are also many snooker & poolcafés in the Netherlands! We wish the team of Daily Social lots of fun and succes at the opening!

Ski slope at the Christmas fair


At Potsdamer Platz in Berlin a ‘Winter’ fair has already opened with a ski slope! Something different than the ‘standard’ skating rink!

Every year more cities are hosting an authentic ‘Christmas or Holiday’ fair at the end of the year. The most beautiful locations for Christmas fairs in the Netherlands are in the South of Limburg (Valkenburg), but also in Leiden where the Christmas fair is located on water… Both with skating rinks, an addition to the winter fun at Christmas fairs.

Dry Ski slope at the Christmas market instead of an ice rink

Last week I spent a couple of days in Berlin were we visited the ‘Winter’ fair at the Potsdamer Platz. They don’t have a skating rink (yet), but one can glide down a ski slope on tires. It is a dry ski slope with some fake snow from which one can glide on snow tires.

In my perception a dry ski slope is much more sustainable than an ice rink! Furthermore, winters are rare therefore children can’t learn how to skate on natural ice, so the group that knows how to skate is getting smaller. ‘Rutschen’ from a slope on a snow tire is a lot easier! ^ Marjolein

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out other Christmas markets all over the world. Fodors collected 10 holiday markets in this article.

Flight Funding; KLM experimenting with crowdfunding


KLM is the first airline in the world that uses its social media channels for a FlightFunding experiment. Basically an experiment with crowdfunding. It is also a fine example of creating a new word in the English language and we wonder how it effects their brand image.

Oké, you say FlightFunding?

Today Juanita from Schijndel gets 24 hours (till 9 October, 7 am) the opportunity to make use of KLM’s social media friends to ‘FlightFund’ a flight to her family in Canada. KLM wants to use this experiment to test the strength of its social network. KLM has been using social media for years, it all began with the award-winning campaign, KLM Surprise in 2010. Since 2010 KLM has 24/7 social media service in 14 languages. Per week more than 150 social media service employees answer 70.000 messages from customers and fans. Amongst those messages there are many wishes from people who can’t afford to buy a ticket, but would love to travel.

Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, Manager Social Media KLM: “We would love to help everyone, of course, but sadly this is simply not an option for a business dependent on the sale of tickets. The FlightFunding concept arose from a deep-seated wish to help people make their dreams come true. This social media experiment will allow KLM to assess how its social network responds to appeals of this kind. From the stack of requests, the care team randomly selected the story of Juanita. ”

“Trial and error has played an important part in establishing KLM’s leading position in social media. FlightFunding really is an experiment. Today Juanita’s appeal has been posted on KLM’s social media channels. Everyone can make their donation on With over twelve million fans worldwide it must be possible to fund the amount for a ticket? However, in each experiment there is a chance that it will not succeed. We are very curious about the results. ”

The creative concept for Flight Funding has been developed in collaboration with Code d’Azur. See how Juanita experiences the FlightFunding. 

SAIL Amsterdam has interactive long range beacons


Unique interactions between tall ships and smartphones via long range beacons at SAIL Amsterdam

Every five years, SAIL Amsterdam is the epitome of historic tall ships. Next to the historical ships, SAIL has a world first in the field of mobile innovation this week as well. Using long-range beacons and the inBeacon software platform which was developed in the Netherlands, spectators get automatically information about some 10 special ships via the SAIL app once they are in the neighbourhood.

A unique experience during the SAIL-in-Parade

During the SAIL-in parade specially developed long-range beacons offer information about the ships to a range of 300 – 350 meters. Beacons are placed on either side of the tall ships to cover the span of the Noordzeekanaal which is 400 meters in total at some points. The information about the ships will automatically be provided when the ship is nearby and the viewer has installed the free SAIL app and a Bluetooth connection. High in the mast of the bark ‘Europa’ a webcam is installed that broadcasts unique live view images. The viewer gets a link to the images via the SAIL app as soon as the ‘Europa’ sails along.

Range up to 300 meters

Until recently beacons a maximum range of 50 meters. The long-range beacons that are used during SAIL contain specially developed chips that allow an effective range of up to 300 meters.

Innovative technology with a Dutch character

The Dutch inBeacon is a cloud software platform that interacts with the owner of the smartphone as relevant as possible. The smartphone interacts with the environment, or the environment reacts to the smartphone.

SAIL app

All beacon interactions take place via the SAIL app that is available for free at the Apple iTunes store and Android Play store . The app works on all new iPhone version 4s and virtually all newer Android devices from version 4.3.

Buiten Adem: A sports festival for adults that leaves you breathless


The Buiten Adem festival (translated Breathless Festival) is a sports festival for adults in Park Transwijk Utrecht on 29 August.

Breathless at a sports festival

There are many festivals this summer, at outdoor locations the weather plays a significant role and one weekend excluded, this is a perfect festival summer so far. All the festivals do their very best to be distinctive, but a handful are another league. Sometimes they literally jump across boundaries, with Jumping Fitness on the line-up for example!

New sports

The festival offers challenging new sports and workouts like XCORE and BRN, CrossXVest, Slackline, Jumping Fitness, High Intensity Impact Training (HIIT), but also good old favorites like yoga, boot camp, kickboxing, power lifting and hula hoop are part of the program as well. The day is filled with music from the emerging DJ’s La Fuente, Tim Hoeben and The Bear is Square.

Healthy eating and drinking (and a beer after the exercises)

Buiten Adem festival is a kind of sports day for adults, where alcohol is only allowed from 17.00 o’clock. The rest of the day there are plenty healthy snacks and juices from Grizzl, Sla-Gerei and the Aloha juice truck.

Earlier, we wrote about the sold out inflatables festival taking place in Amsterdam at the same weekend, that will be a sporty weekend!

Unrecognizable 1RDJ plays one track and flies away


It sounds bizarre. A DJ who will fly on stage with a jet- pack, plays one track and then runs off again. Then you probably haven’t heard of 1RDJ yet.


By spinning a few tracks from other producers you won’t make it as a DJ anymore. Basically all DJ’s produce tracks and scream for attention with crazy gimmicks like throwing cakes (Steve Aoki), wearing a large mouse mask (deadmau5) or robot masks (DaftPunk). Now a new phenomenon can be added to that list. A DJ / producer who is unrecognizable flies on stage at a festival with a jet pack, plays one track and then disappears. On the Facebook page of 1RDJ and on his clothes there is a clearly recognizable reference to the beer brand Bavaria. This might be a winning ‘summer 2015’ formula for the brand and the artist.

Spinnin’ records

The first track by 1RDJ is called ‘First’ and is quite catchy. The single is released by Spinnin’ records from Hilversum, one of the major dance labels in the world.

Your Take On #centerparcslol



Center Parcs organized a contest under the title “Your Take On” where teens can film themselves in all kinds of activities both inside and outside of Center Parcs. The company works together with well-known vloggers (video bloggers) like the ‘Knol brothers’ that promote the contest. Contestants can upload their videos to Instagram with the hashtag #centerparcslol.

Performance by rapper Dio

The maker of the best video will win a day of activities and an exclusive concert by rapper Dio at Center Parcs De Eemhof. Dio is a Dutch rapper who is known from the songs ‘Dom, Lomp en Famous’ in collaboration with the Opposites and Willie Wartaal and ‘Tijdmachine‘ with Sef.

Enzo and Milan Knol

Among other vloggers Enzo and Milan Knol collaborate with Center Parcs for the campaign. Both are social media stars that focus on Dutch teenagers. Enzo Knol is a YouTube hero with nearly 800.000 followers and often new videos by him are viewed more than 200.000 times within a single day. Milan owns Youtube channel DagelijksHaaDee (550.000+ followers) and his other channel DitIsMilan is good for 320.000+ followers.

For more information:

Solving the sunbed race during peak season with the ‘sunbreaker’


One of the biggest irritations in the summer: claiming sunbeds! Other guests have already claimed all the sunbeds by placing their towel on it. This ‘Sunbed Race’ starts very early in the morning at most resorts during peak season. The sunbreaker is nothing more or less than a parking disc for sunbeds. Hotel owners can offer a sunbreaker with every sunbed to take away some of the frustrations on the subject!

A sunbed race is difficult to avoid.

The only way to avoid this is to provide enough sunbeds for all guests and enough space for all the sun beds. Because otherwise your guests will lay down their towel on the sunbeds at the best spot! At most hotels a sunbed race is inevitable, especially during peak season. Hotel owners who deal with those irritations on a daily base could start to use the ‘sunbreaker’ by entrepreneur Theo van den Dungen. Your guests can set the ‘sunbreaker’ at the moment they leave their sunbed. When they come back within the hour they can use their sunbed again, when they come back later, other guests may take the sunbed. Create a system around it, like for example have the belonging of the old guest handed to the pool attendant. The system is still somewhat susceptible to fraud but as hotel owner you’re showing that you at least try to avoid irritations. It’s possible to personalize the sunbreaker.

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