Campina collaborates with Jimmy Loves Food | Organic dairy products delivered by bike via order platform for the restaurant sector


  • Campina delivered by Jimmy Loves FoodCampina delivered by Jimmy Loves Food

Campina collaborates with Jimmy Loves Food, an Amersfoort-based business order platform which delivers local and sustainable products to the restaurant sector by bike. The delivery will be emission-free and take place within 24 hours in Amersfoort and Amsterdam. The organic products from the Campina range can now be ordered via this app.

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Ordering platform for the restaurant and catering industry

Food service operators can order the full range of organic Campina products. Campina Biologisch (biological) includes all dairy products – such as full and semi-skimmed milk and yoghurt – that come from milk produced by an organically certified dairy farm. In addition, all Campina Biologisch packaging is climate-neutral. The cooperation with Jimmy Loves Food fits in well with this sustainable focus.

Bertine Hidding, Brand Director Campina: “The cooperation with Jimmy Loves Food enables us to supply our products to the catering industry in an easy, quick and sustainable way. It is also very nice and special that we are entering into this cooperation with a company that is also from Amersfoort. We hope to be of added value to our region and to be able to serve more and more regions over time.”


Jimmy Loves Food | Local products delivered by bicycle

Since last year, the business order platform Jimmy Loves Food has been delivering local and sustainable products to catering businesses in the Amersfoort and Amsterdam regions. The various orders are combined as much as possible and delivered emission free. In principle, by electric bicycle, and sometimes with an electric van. Ordering the products is easy via the inONE app, which lists all the suppliers.

About Jimmy Loves Food

Jimmy Loves Food works as much as possible with local or Dutch products. In some seasons products from a little further away are better, because they are produced here in energy-consuming greenhouses. Jimmy Loves Food has the experience and knowledge to provide chefs with the most local products of each season. Is something out of season? Then they promise you that they have alternatives for it.

They select better products. Products that have not travelled all over the world, that are sustainably grown. The meat is Dutch, unless there is an equivalent supply in terms of animal welfare and sustainability. They only sells fish from the North Sea or the IJsselmeer. Jimmy Loves Food also helps entrepreneurs with background stories and POS-material to convey the good story of the purchase to the guests.

Jimmy Loves Food believes that you do not have to pay more for better products. That’s why they promise that their products, which are of comparable quality, will not be more expensive than the products chefs are currently working with. They can advise chefs on products, seasons, menus and more. Jimmy Loves Food stands beside the chef in the kitchen, helping him/her to use the products in the best possible way. From Jimmy Loves Food the chefs receive a monthly overview with the savings results of the orders. So you can see that we really do what we promise: Less CO2 emissions. Less food miles. A better world.

Website: Jimmy Loves Food & Friesland Campina

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