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Last week we were invited to taste Cafes-Canton coffee. A delicious ‘slow roast’ coffee by a small family company in the Vosges (France). Jan-Willem van Rijn, owner of Barista Café Haarlem, has made the ‘tasting notes’ of all their coffees. We tasted the espresso and although we are not real coffee connoisseurs, we could completely find ourselves in Jan-Willem’s final conclusion: an adult espresso. Nice to serve French coffee in a French restaurant!

Cafés-Canton for sale in the Netherlands

Since September 1, 2017, is a separate Dutch organization that exclusively represents the Cafés-Canton coffee in the Netherlands. Frank van Bovene of Café-Canton Nederland will introduce these coffee products in the Netherlands together with the French organization. Consumers and businesses can order Cafes-Canton coffee directly from the website at retail prices. For catering and volume reduction, contact Frank. Café is at the same time also supplying Belgium, Germany and the UK. Besides coffee, Café also offers an assortment of Belgian chocolate from the exclusive Chocolatier Galler.

About Cafés-Canton

Cafés-Canton is a small family business, founded in 1921, which has been rooted in the French Vosges as a traditional coffee brewery. The knowledge and experience of the company and their ‘slow-roast’ process is a guarantee for great coffee. Local in Vosges, around Gérardmer, Cafés-Canton is famous in restaurants and cafés, but also with the regional population. Attention, time and freshness are the three most important factors that guarantee the consistently high quality of coffee. The roasting process takes about 10 times longer than with factory coffee. Besides that Cafés-Canton does roast on a daily base, thus guaranteeing fresh coffee.

Website: Cafés-Conton

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