Caféco | A consolidation of franchise formulas in the Netherlands


  • Cafécologo van Caféco
  • CafécoBarista Café onderdeel van Caféco
  • CafécoChocolate Campany Café onderdeel van Caféco

Coffee franchise Doppio Espresso (25 venues), chocolate franchise Chocolate Company (19 venues) and coffee franchise Barista Café (23 venues) join forces, the consolidation of the franchise formulas will be called: Caféco.

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A collaboration behind the scenes

Consumers themselves do not notice much of the consolidation, the businesses retain their own name, familiar faces and appearance. Behind the scenes, the difference is made in efficiency, capacity and expertise, so that the growth for the formulas is optimally achieved.

The first priority is to improve the service to franchisees and branch managers. They benefit from the changes behind the scenes, they can focus even better on their entrepreneurship and hospitality. The headquarters is situated in Joure, The Netherlands. The new team exists of current employees of the three formulas, so that knowledge and experience are retained and strengthened.

The future of Caféco

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, Peter van Eijl, founder and owner of Doppio Espresso, had a vision of more cooperation in the take away formulas market. From the first sight, the formulas are different and distinctive, but at the back they operate more or less the same. The collaboration is a special development in the fragmented Dutch coffee formulas market. This is not the end station, the new Caféco sees opportunities for more collaborations in the future.

The company has great ambitions. Now that the franchise formulas have been firmly established, management expects further consolidation and acceleration of organic growth in The Netherlands and abroad.

Alexander de Ronde Bresser brings his experience as director at Chocolate Company to Caféco. He mentions: “This step is really a win-win situation for all people involved. These are three great brands, each of which has built up its own character and position in the market, and we will continue to build on that.’’

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