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  • Bunny Chow 2 - Marloes van Doorn(c) Marloes van Doorn
  • Bunny Chow - Marloes van Doorn(c) Marloes van Doorn
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  • Bunny Chow 2 - Marloes van Doorn(c) Marloes van Doorn

BunnyChow Experience

The Bunny Chow is a South African ‘fast food’ dish that originated in the ‘40s. The South African Njabulo Ndlovu gives the Dutch an opportunity to enjoy this delicacy with the ‘BunnyChow Experience’ food truck.

The Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow consists of a hollowed bread stuffed with a filling such as curry. The curry is made by Njabulo with fresh products, the organic bread is made by Bakery Paul Annee.

Bunny Chow’s origin

In the ‘40s a large number of Indians went to live in Durban and roti and curry became very popular in South Africa. The curry was popular because of its taste, but also because it was an affordable dish. The Bunny Chow was a good solution to serve curry as take-away through the back of a restaurant for people who were not allowed to enter during the Apartheid era.


The South African culture is one where food and especially ‘eating together’ is very important. The BunnyChow Experience therefore focuses on both the quality of the food as well as the quality of the experience around it. The slogan ‘Food is a social event!’ underlines the goal of this experience.

Bron: www.facebook.com/bunnychowexperience

Website: www.bunnychowexperience.com

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