BUNK hotel Amsterdam |A new hotspot in the former Sint-Rita church


  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Amsterdam, credits Wouter van der Sar
  • Collage BUNK hotel Amsterdam
  • Compilatie BUNK Hotels Amsterdam

After the booming success in Utrecht, Amsterdam now also gets a BUNK Hotel. BUNK opened its doors on the 5th of March in the former Sint-Rita church in Amsterdam North. After a thorough renovation, the monumental building has room for 300 guests. Is it a hotel with hostel prices? Or a hostel with the quality and service of a hotel? BUNK invites you to experience it yourself. BUNK has a sympathetically priced restaurant and a broad cultural programming. With the compact rooms and Pods, the lively shared spaces and the free cultural offer, BUNK focuses on connecting with the neighborhood and the world.

Last Tuesday, the 3rd of March, I was present at a dinner at the BUNK hotel. You are already impressed upon arrival by the transformation of this large church into a hotel. Great to see the BUNK pods but also the 107 compact rooms in the belly of the church, a separate concept. From April onwards you can and go sleep there, I believe this is a special and pleasant experience in Amsterdam. It’s also a great place to enjoy dinner with dishes based on various international cuisines, including that of Amsterdam. ^ Oscar van der Maas

Sleeping at BUNK hotel Amsterdam

To give travelers a unique experience, BUNK has developed 50 Pods. These are well-designed cabins in which you combine maximum privacy at minimum costs. There are Pods for you alone and Pods for you +1. Do you want it a size bigger? An atrium has been created in the belly of the church in which the 107 compact rooms float through the space like houses in an Italian mountain village. Every room has the functionality of a complete hotel room, but the smart design means that much less space is required. If you want to make it extra cozy, choose a room with a 3, 4 or 5 person bed. The last few weeks will be used to finalize and from April onwards visitors can stay over.

Eating & Drinking | Great dishes to share

Eating and drinking is extra fun and tasty when you do this together. That’s why you always join new friends at BUNK. In the restaurant you share one of the long tables with other travelers and (flex-working) neighbors. Meals are prepared with local ingredients, prices are low. Where can you find a cup of coffee for 1.50 euros? Well, at BUNK.

Believe in giving

Located in a former house of God, it goes without saying that BUNK believes. And not just a bit too. BUNK believes in giving without expectation. For example, BUNK presents an extensive cultural program, always for free. A completely furnished online sound studio is open to local and international DJ and podcast talent. And an artist-in-residence program gives creative movers & shakers the space to make beautiful things without time pressure, financial pressure or consideration. Why? Because this is part of BUNK.

Rich history

A golden law among travelers: to know where you are going, you have to know where you are from. That is why BUNK consciously focuses attention on the historic architecture of this former church. The monumental highlights are accentuated with artworks, light installations, consciously created sight lines and – sometimes surprising – routing. Moreover, BUNK believes it is important to give the building back to the neighborhood. The freely accessible co-working, co-meeting, co-hangout library is a deep bow to past years, when the building served as a neighborhood library. The building was bombed in 1943. A memorial has been erected in memory of that event.

About BUNK

BUNK bridges the gap between hotels and hostels. In a historic ambiance, friends from far and near find a playful, optimistic and high-quality shopping experience for a fair price. In 2019, BUNK won the “Best new hospitality concept” award from the (Dutch) Entree Awards.

Website: Bunk Hotel

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