Brewery Oedipus is going to age beer in whiskey barrels of Jameson


This week Brewery Oedipus starts with brewing a craft beer that will be aged in Jameson whiskey barrels. Hoppy and tangy Saison with smooth influences of Irish whiskey. The beer will be available in a limited edition as from April 2016.

For centuries beer and whiskey can be found on the bar alongside, but never before have the flavours been so intertwined as with the collaboration between the brewery Oedipus from Amsterdam and world famous Irish whiskey brand Jameson. The Netherlands is one of the first countries worldwide to start a collaboration with Jameson.

Ambassador of Jameson about Brewery Oedipus

“Looking for a suitable party in the Netherlands didn’t take long; in terms of method and values Oedipus and Jameson are quite similar. Craftsmanship, quality and taste are one of the most important ingredients, but also the ideas behind the brands are very similar. We are both open for new experiences and are even consciously looking for them,” says Sam O’Leary, Brand Ambassador of Jameson in the Netherlands.

Oedipus about experimenting with aging beer in whiskey barrels

Rick Nelson of Oedipus, about the collaboration with Jameson: “This is a very exciting experiment for us. We are very curious to see and mostly taste what happens if we age our beer in Jameson whiskey barrels. We are also proud that we are one of the first breweries worldwide that is participating in this experiment. We are looking forward to tasting this special beer for the first time.”

An unexpected meeting led to the idea

The idea behind this project has been established in Ireland, when the Master Distiller of Jameson and the Master Brewer of the Fransiscan Well Brewery met each other in a pub. After a long, pleasant night they decided to unite their powers. This unexpected meeting led to a new friendship between whiskey and beer.

Jameson Caskmates

The collaboration between Fransiscan Well Brewery and Jameson Ireland was not only a surprising beer. The barrels that are used for the beer did return to the distillery. Subsequently Jameson aged a batch on Jameson Irish Whiskey with wonderful results; Jameson Caskmates is a typical Irish whiskey with a subtle hint of butterscotch, milk chocolate and coffee. A limited edition of Jameson Caskmates are available in the Netherlands as from April 2016. Check out the video about Jameson Caskmates here.

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