Bowl-Rent | Transportable all-weather bowling alley


The Bowl-Rent is an outdoor, all-weather one-lane bowling alley. The lane is built in such way that it can easily be set-up and removed. The creators guarantee that the bowling lane can be used within an hour. Furthermore, the transportable all-weather bowling alley can be set-up at different grounds and can be ordered in different sizes.

Transportable all-weather bowling alley

If you want to install a bowling lane for a children’s party, a festival or an event, the Bowl-Rent is the perfect solution. The Mobile all-weather bowling alley can be rented at Bowling Builders, the company that developed the mobile all-weather bowling alley.

The concept can be used indoor as well as outdoor and is made from materials that are rain, sun and wind resistant. This way it’s possible to install the Bowl-Rent at festivals. You’ll only have to take a small alcohol test before you’ll allow them to bowl ;-).

The length of the lane starts with 12 meters and it’s two meters wide. In the meantime the concept developers are busy, they expect an update of the lane within two weeks.

Website: Bowling Builders BV

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