Bolsius Professional introduces sustainable refill candle concept StylEco®


  • Duurzaam refill-kaarsconcept StylEco® van Bolsius ProfessionalDuurzaam refill-kaarsconcept StylEco® van Bolsius Professional
  • Duurzaam refill-kaarsconcept StylEco® van Bolsius ProfessionalDuurzaam refill-kaarsconcept StylEco® van Bolsius Professional

Bolsius Professional from Schijndel in the Netherlands will introduce the first refillable candle concept StylEco® in September 2022. This is the first refill candle concept for the hospitality industry in which the candle burns up completely without waste or residue. This cozy candle in a stylish glass holder also burns for 50 hours, is made of sustainable raw materials and is easily replaceable.

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Sustainability more important than ever

Research by Marketing4Results has shown that some 65 percent of restaurant owners are prepared to pay more for sustainable solutions. In addition, some 86 percent of the guests appreciate real candlelight in restaurants. No less than 58 percent indicate that they will stay seated longer and order more if there are real candles on the table, they told researchers from Multiscope. Bolsius Professional responds to wishes for more sustainable solutions and cozy lighting with its new refill candle concept. This concept combines style, convenience and sustainability.

Green mission of Bolsius Professional 

The refills of the candles do not contain a plastic cup and burn up completely so that no waste or residue remains. All that remains is the metal (wick) plate. In addition, no palm oil or animal fat is used for the candles. They are made from a combination of vegan wax and paraffin. This is in line with the green mission of Bolsius Professional to reduce the ecological footprint. Restaurant owners react enthusiastically: “This concept is in line with my desire and need to reduce waste”.

Save time with the StylEco® refill candle concept

The burning time of StylEco® candles is 50 hours. This means that the hospitality entrepreneur needs to change the candles less often. “That saves a lot of time for my staff”, says one hotel and catering business owner. Especially in times of staff shortages, this is a plus. Moreover, refilling is easy and mess-free. The glass holders can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cozy light

Besides convenience and durability, the refill candle concept is stylish: the glass holders are hand-blown and available in three colors (brown, grey and transparent). The light of the candles is atmospheric. The flame is visible until the last minute of burning, and the shape of the glass gives a unique light reflection on the table.

Available from September

At Gastvrij Rotterdam (19-21 September) Bolsius Professional will present the new StylEco® line on its stand. The supplier of candles will also be present with the concept at the BBB (10-12 October 2022) and Horeca Expo Gent (20-24 November 2022). StylEco® will be available from September 2022 via wholesalers in the hotel and catering industry. The glass holders are packed per four in the colours brown, grey and transparent and contain four refills. In addition, the (white) refills are available separately per 45 pieces. More information can be found on the website of Bolsius Professional.

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