Blue cheese and chocolate | A divine combination


  • Chocolade en blauwe kaas

Last week Betty Koster was cited in an article on about the combination of blue cheese and chocolate. “Cheese and chocolate are a great combination” she said. By reading the article my thoughts took me back to the theory of cooking I had at the hotel school. Every week we got to see the serie Kitchen Chemistry by Heston Blumenthal. One of the episodes was entirely devoted to chocolate. How it is made and why it melts more quickly when it is not tempered? All these questions were answered in the episode about chocolate.

Why blue cheese and chocolate go so well together

The most exciting part during the chocolate episode is the combination of blue cheese and chocolate. A combination that matches perfectly, says Heston. But why do these two, on first sight completely different products go so well together? To answer the question Heston travels to France where the two products were subjected to a machine which is determined to see the structure of these products in terms of molecules. The surprising result is that both products consists for over more than 60% out of the same molecules. Not only our taste says it fits together, even science confirms it.

Blue cheese and chocolate as a new trend

The series dates back from 2002 so we know for a long time these products fits together. Now the challenge of restaurants and other food related companies is to apply it on a large scale into the minds of cheese eating customers. Who knows this food pairing combination will be the big new on many  cheese trolley’s and maybe even as sweets in supermarkets.

Kitchen Chemistry – chocolate

Below the second part of the episode of Kitchen Chemistry about chocolate is published. There is also a dish that combines the two products, food for thought!

Let me know if the dish is or will be on your menu, I’ll be happy to taste! ^ Bram Kosterink

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