Bilder & De Clercq introduces interactive wall


  • bilder en de clerq wall

From 9 September the Bilder & De Clercq grocery store from Amsterdam introduced an interactive wall at the Google Office in Amsterdam. The grocery store weekly offers fourteen tasty, healthy and easy to prepare dishes with all the necessary ingredients in the right amount. YES.TAP makes it even more easy for consumers to order a meal: they only need their smartphone to touch a dish on a screen. The interactive wall was introduced as a response to the trend of online groceries ordering. Customers can order the fourteen dishes and other products via the Bilder & De Clercq Wall and via the app at home. If the order is send before 4 o’clock pm the cooled groceries can be picked up from 5 o’clock pm

More interactive walls? In 2011 we’ve already spotted  a virtual wall from supermarket chain Tesco in a subway station in South Korea.

Bron: Bilder & De Clercq

Website: YES.TAP

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