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Unfortunately, not all fish caught in the North Sea end up on our plates. Therefore, three entrepreneurs came up with the idea of opening a new fish restaurant in Amsterdam called ‘Bijvangst’ (Bycatch) Amsterdam. A restaurant where you’ll be surprised by fishes that you might have never heard of, alongside the more famous fish species. You can now invest in the concept at the website CrowdAboutNow.

The idea

Fish restaurant Bijvangst is using all the fish that ends up in the net of the fisherman at their menu. Besides the well-known fish you’ll also find fishes you don’t know on the menu. The only conditions are that the fish comes from the Dutch waters and that they’re seasonal. Thanks to several fishermen from IJmuiden, the restaurant offers fresh fish daily. In addition, you can buy the same fishes to prepare at home, including recipe.

Socially entrepreneurship

Reducing the waste of caught fish isn’t the only goal of the restaurant. They’ll work with people who have a distance to the labour market as well. The target is to employ 9 full-time employees in the first year.

Bijvangst Amsterdam crowdfunding

There is a chef, a plan, a license and an enthusiastic bank. The only thing missing is an investment of future guests. Therefore, a crowdfunding was launched where you pay for a future dinner. The money will be used to partly finance the restaurant. With more than 60 days to go, half of the target amount has already been financed. More information on budgets, investments and entrepreneurs can also be found on their crowdfunding page.

Bron: Duurzaam Nieuws

Website: CowdAboutNow

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