BidChatBuy | Auction site for residual inventory


Whether it involves a large batch of craft beers or building materials; as an entrepreneur you don’t want to have a large number of unused products in your stockroom. It’s too expensive. Mischa van der Klei and Vincent Smit came up with an idea to solve this problem. An auction site where companies can sell their residual inventory.

BidChatBuy | Get rid of your residual inventory

BidChatBuy intense to sell left-over inventory to the hospitality- or construction industry, which is something we don’t have yet,” said Van der Klei. As an entrepreneur, you only have a few options to get rid of your residual inventory: dump it, destroy it or bring it to a junk dealer. Dumping your inventory is the scenario which you obviously want to avoid.

7.000 bottles of craft beer

What distinguishes BidChatBuy from other websites such as the Dutch ‘’ or other online auction sites is the way of selling. The two entrepreneurs are using their own network to find companies that are interested in certain residual stocks. Let’s take a batch of 7,000 bottles of craft beers that need to be sold in the hospitality industry as an example. When a batch like this comes in, the beers will be shown on the website. In the meanwhile Micha and Vincent will try to find buyers within their own network to sell the stock as quickly as possible.

So, if you are interested in 7,000 bottles of craft beers, make sure to get in contact with BidChatBuy!

Website: BidChatBuy

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