Bello Limoncello | Limited edition with 50% alcohol to celebrate the kings 50th birthday


Today we’re celebrating King’s Day! Our king is celebrating his birthday today with his family and everybody visiting Tilburg, a city in the south. But we’re partying in every city in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam! In honour of King Willem’s 50th birthday, Bello Limoncello launches a limited edition Limoncello with 50% alcohol. The 50% Bello is available at various locations in Amsterdam.

Bello Limoncello 50%

According to Natwerk, the company behind Bello Limoncello, reaching 50 is quite a thing. When you are 50 years old you have outgrown the pils (beer, our king has been called ‘Prince Pils’ in his younger years) and they think it’s time for the stronger work. Bello Limoncello adds an extra cup of machismo on top and comes with the strongest limoncello ever, a special Bello with 50% alcohol. With the Bello Limoncello 50%, Natwerk wants to increase the joy of celebrating King’s Day. Founder Frank de Ruwe: “A shot 50% Bello puts your party mode right in the highest gear. That’s what we want for everybody, especially for our king.”

The 50% Bello is a special limited edition and is available at an evening shop called ‘de avondwinkel Sterk’ on the De Clerqstraat in Amsterdam from Thursday evening for 50 hours. And on King’s Day at various restaurants, including Mojo, Boca’s, Hotshots and ‘De Groene Vlinder’ (the Green Butterfly).

Bello Limoncello was launched five years ago. We wrote about Bello Limoncello for the first time in 2011 and at other moments, like for example when they introduced a measurement card in 2013. This measurement card allowed you to leave the bottle on the table. The brand grows hard and is available in more than 500 food stores and liquor stores.

Website: Bello Limoncello

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