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Craft beer delivery aficionados Beer52 have teamed up with a host of London’s very best restaurants to launch an exclusive range of collaborative brews. Arriving on members’ doorsteps this November, the subscription box showcases London’s diverse food scene and will mark the debut of ‘Table’, a new brewing project exploring the relationship between beer and food.

Beer & food collaboration | Beer52 & Freak Scene, Jinjuu, Bun House, Ceviche, DUM Biryani House, The Cheese Bar and Lily Vanilli

Head brewer of Beer52, Chris J. J. Heaney formerly of London’s Partizan brewery, has created a collection of beers to pair with not only the restaurant’s varied styles, but the people behind the menus, incorporating some of the core flavours and ingredients from the cuisines which have inspired them. Freak Scene, founded by Scott Hallsworth, have worked with Chris to create a New England IPA with Yuzu; a blend of a rich, yeasty body with fruity and floral notes, reflecting classic Asian iced tea flavours, whilst Soho neighbours Jinjuu have developed a clean West Coast IPA. Bun House have created a Pale Ale with typically Cantonese floral notes to pair with their signature steamed buns. Founder Alex explains: ‘What you’d usually drink with our food is a very fragrant or aromatic tea. So when we were talking about this beer, it made sense to use these very Chinese tea characteristics – kumquat and chrysanthemum.’

Peruvian pioneers Ceviche have produced a lime and coriander-scented Dry Hopped Wit Bier, harking back to the zesty flavours of the Lima coastline, while Soho’s DUM Biryani House have brewed a bright and elegant Indian Spiced Saison; a crisp companion to founder Dhruv’s richly spiced dishes. For after dinner delight, there’s a rich Belgian Dubbel created in association with The Cheese Bar and a decadent Black Forest Stout from Lily Vanilli, East London’s beloved bespoke bakery.

Co-Founder Fraser Doherty: ‘Beer and food have always gone together – it’s a pairing as old as time. This month we’re delving deeper into the connection between the two, exploring new flavours inspired by a host of incredible restaurants; we’re so thrilled to be working with some of the most exciting names in the industry to kick off this exciting new project. We’re used to travelling around the world to source beers, so it’s been amazing to discover just how much there is to discover within London alone.’

About Beer52

Beer52 was founded five years ago by Fraser Doherty and James Brown, who bonded over a mutual appreciation for all things craft beer. Since its inception, the team have explored more than 28 countries, working with breweries across the globe, from South Africa to Estonia and California, to bring some of the world’s most sought-after beers direct to their members’ doors. This month sees an adventure of a different kind, as Beer52 collaborates with thirteen of London’s most exciting chefs and restaurants, delving into the age-old links between beer and food as part of this ongoing project. Head brewer Chris has set out to capture not only the restaurants’ signature flavours, but to embody the spirit and culture of each collaborator, the unique experience they provide and their willingness to break the mould. More ‘Table’ beers will be appearing in future boxes, as Beer52 continue to work with top chefs around the world to create new and innovative brews exclusively for their subscribers.

Website: Beer52

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