Beer Pong Knock Out; Get your balls wet!


Once the red cups were only destined for drunken partiers, but the game leaves the student dormitories and house parties with official tournaments between beer pong enthusiasts and experts. Strandzuid brings the Beer Pong Knock Out to Amsterdam on Saturday, August 13.

Beer Pong Knock Out

Strandzuid proves with the organisation of this Beer Pong Knock Out that sport and beer are indeed a successful combination during the match. The red cups will be arranged on August 13 for an official battle between 64 duos. The rules of a ‘knockout’ tournament are simple: two teams, each six cups and only one winner, whoever loses is out of the tournament. Winning is certainly more important than join!

Get your balls wet!

Tickets are available through the website. When you buy a team ticket (valid for 2 people), participants have to register their own data and in addition a team name and details of the teammate. Participation as from 18 years (ID required).

Website: Strandzuid

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