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From now on you can enjoy your beer as the brewmaster intended! Beer Bit chills your craft beer to bring out its optimal taste.

What is Beer Bit?

The Beer Bit is a magnetic tube on the bottom of your glass, right out of the freezer. It is specifically designed to perfectly chill a full 12 ounce beer in a pint glass, while still leaving plenty of room for a head. The largest Beer Bit, the Lager Beer Bit, displaces just 2.5 fluid ounces easily allowing a full 12 ounce beer to fit in a standard 16 ounce pint glass.

Different beers

Much like red wine and white wine, temperature has a huge influence on the drinking experience. This concept of maintaining various temperatures for different styles of craft beer is the fundamental basis for the development of The Beer Bit. Each Beer Bit is calibrated to maintain the ideal consumption temperature of a particular style of craft beer from Lagers, to Wheats, to IPAs, to Belgian Ales, to Stouts.

Curious how the concept works? Watch the instruction video here.

Bron: Kickstarter

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