Bee Free Honee! An alternative for honey


An alternative to honey: Bee Free Honee, or you can also call it a vegan honey. A plant-based honey made from apples and lemon juice. It is supposed to have the same sweetness, golden glow and viscosity but it just leave the bees recover quietly….

Bee Free Honee by Katie Sanchez

According to research of the Collective ‘Bee Informed’, beekeepers in the United States lost 44% of their colonies during the year 2015 ending in April 2016. Even as interest in natural alternatives to sugar rises, so too does awareness of the global collapse of the bee population. (Even Honey Nut Cheerios joined the movement with a “#BringBackTheBees” campaign).

Katie Sanchez grew up as a daughter of a beekeeper in Minnesota and realised in the late nighties that the bees suffered from the Colony Collapse Disorder. After talking to different bee keepers around the area she realised that nothing about the bee life is natural anymore. For example they clip the wings of the queen so she can’t fly. In her opinion and of many more people we structured the bee world so it completely suits the human needs. As humans we seem to forget that the bee are the treasures and not the honey!

Check out this video in which the founder of Bee Free Honee explains the product and how she brought it to the market.

Although she realised and worried about the problem, her product is a happy accident. She was trained as a pastry chef and tried to make an apple jelly recipe a couple of years ago. The result: an apple jelly that didn’t gel. After a night on the shelve she realised that the product tasted like honey. The Bee Free Honee is now sold all over the United States in different flavours like for example: mint, chocolate and anchovies chili pepper.

Website: Bee Free Honee

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