‘Bearista’ truck | Pop-up truck serves Grizzlychoc, BabybearChino or Pandacino


If you’re walking down the street in the UK and happen to see a polar bear on wheels headed your way, don’t worry – it’s just Cartoon Network’s latest furry creation to celebrate the return of their pop culture gem ‘We Bare Bears’, airing every day at 4:30pm this month. The Bearista truck will visit different cities and serves Grizzlychoc, BabybearChino or Pandacino, even better you can take a bear-hug selfie with the stars of the show.

Bare Bears ‘Bearista’ truck

The polar bear-shaped mobile, more notably known as “Ice Bear” will be handing out free hot drinks across the UK this January, including coffees and hot chocolates to kids and their families. We Bare Bears’ follows the internet savvy, latte-sipping, selfie-taking hipster bear brothers – Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear – three lovable outsiders just trying to find their way into human society and who dream of one day becoming “Internet Famous”.

The pop-up will be launched in London by one of the UK’s 2018 Latte Art Champions and leading ‘Bearista’, Ben Lewis, who will also be offering caffeine free drinks for kids – as Ice Bear “can’t handle caffeine” – such as a Grizzlychoc hot chocolate or BabybearChino. For those who want to make a Pandacino themselves, check out this video on Cartoon Network’s Facebook account.

The Bearista-mobile will be touring four cities across the UK in January; London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. Visitors to each location will be able to get free hot drinks for the whole family and also take a bear-hug selfie with the stars of the show, Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear.

Website: Cartoon Network

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