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Those who are fans of exceptional hospitality concepts will certainly know the Barton G restaurants in Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. This concept is known for their eccentric and theatrical dishes that are more than Instagrammable. In addition, they also taste above average. One of the latest creations of the restaurant is again one for the books. The “Oops, I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone” is about 10 kilos in weight and must be carried to the table by two people before it can be eaten.

Are you going on holidays to Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles? Then we definitely recommend to eat at Barton G’s. A truly American experience! In this article a video about how they make and serve “Oops, I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone” and more information about the “over the top” dishes we have eaten in Miami and Los Angeles and of course have seen eaten

Barton G | Simply fabulous

The new dessert “Oops, I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone” consists of ice cream, cake, crumbs, whipped cream and of course a filo pastry horn. So many sugars to get rid of. Quite a task, which you will probably not succeed on your own. A number of food bloggers from America therefore thought it was fun to take on the challenge and eat this extravagant dessert together. The session was broadcast live via Twitch! It is unknown to us whether they succeeded but we can’t imagine.

View the challenge below!

The article continues under the video

Spectacular dishes at Barton G

We happened to be in Los Angeles when their restaurant at La Cienega Blvd. opened. So on to a truly American experience. ‘Over the top’ environment, excited guests and spectacular dishes. Lots of hassle, lots of contacts between the guests, “What are you having ??”.  In short, quite an experience. Salads that are being served in small wheelbarrows, tuna on a Samurai sword, Devil eggs, desserts such as Marie Antoinette with a wig of cotton candy with small cupcakes around it. Strange but fun to experience! A little more recently we also visited the Miami location where they even serve very large steaks on a lawn mower! We couldn’t imagine eating the amount of meat but the dish was shared at a table. We shared the “Dolla Dolla Bills Y’All !!!” dessert and we were unable to eat it. The dish is an ode to the dollar, with “mega rich” chocolate ganache and “dulce de leche” cake under a gold layer and vanilla ice cream with golden popcorn.

There are locations in New York and Las Vegas in the planning and we’re sure there will be rows of people to get in these restaurants again. A special, truly American experience so if you are in the area this summer, I recommend you make a reservation! ^ Marjolein


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