Barco Escape: experience a movie with a panorama view


Another reason to go see a movie in the cinema! Lot of chances in the last couple of years in the movie and cinema world. The public started to enjoy watching movies at home but with these developments they successfully lure the public back in the cinema! With the IMAX screens, 3D movies, virtual reality and now Barco Escape movies, the cinema offers a whole new movie experience. No ‘normal’ cinema from a single screen, with Barco Escape you will be drawn in the story. This due to two additional screens that are attached at the main screen in an angle of circa 140 degrees, a panoramic view.

Watch the new Star Trek movie in a Barco Escape cinema

Star Trek fans are the lucky ones who can experience the first Barco Escape in the cinema. Especially for this film additional footage has been created, for about twenty minutes of the film. In the future more movies will be made either with partial or full Barco Escape sized.

This new technology is currently only available in the Netherlands in Euroscoop Tilburg and Maastricht. In Belgium you can see the film in the Barco Escape format in the Kinepolis Antwerp and Kortrijk.

Website: Barco Escape

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