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It is not easy nowadays to be the owner of a disco/nightclub with the ongoing decrease of visitors the last couple of years. Club Red in Leeuwarden has an extended calendar including ‘Barbers, Booze & Tattoos’. A men’s night out.

A night out is more than booze and music

Because of the decreasing interest in nightclubs and the increase of the amount of festivals in Holland it is not that easy anymore for the nightclub owners to get their evenings to be sold out. The average visitor of a festival in Holland wants more than just a DJ, booze and a light show. The guests wants an enhanced experience and more entertainment during their night out. Time for some creativity. Marco Coenen, Marketing & Events Club Red: “The visitors expect a lot from a night out, they go out less but they expect more. Less but louder. It is up to us to liv up to their expectations and really think ‘out of the box’”.

Reasons enough for the owners of Club Red to organize an event, mainly for men. Therefore, on the 6th of February, the second edition of ‘Barbers, Booze & Tattoos’ took place. During this night, there is more than just music. The first edition of the ‘Barbers, Booze & Tattoos’ event took place in September 2015 and became huge success. The next edition is planned halfway June.

Barbers, Booze & Tattoos

It must have been strange experience for the casual visitor of Club Red last weekend when walking into the club. The visitors were able to get a treatment from the barber, could get a drink at the Bulleit Bourbonbar or had the chance to get themselves inked while the crowd around them were partying. A lot of options on for a Saturday night. In the end, it is still a nightclub with DJ’s and dancing people. “The good thing about BBT is that we attract a whole new group of people. People with tattoos and beards are mostly somewhat more eccentric, people with a story. It is very important to approach new target audiences constantly, besides the ordinary visitor”. Says Marco Coenen.

Other concepts

Another concept that we organise here is ‘The Guestlist’, the visitors are already taken into the experience before the event starts. Everyone can send a message to a phone number where they constantly get instructions on how to get on the guest list. This continuous throughout the evening and ends at the end of the evening.

Red Room Culture Clash

Dj’s that battle in a boxing ring. The audience is also involved with this, they chose the final winner.

Club Red

Club Red is the winner of the Nightlife Awards in 2015 as most populair club in the Netherlands. This hotpot is located in Leeuwarden.

Website: Club Red

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