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Band of Bohemia, a brewpub in Chicago has been awarded with a Michelin star last November. Very special if you consider the fact that beer is the main event at this brewpub. The Band of Bohemia received the Michelin star after being open for just one year. Michelin is awarding stars to more and more surprising food joints. For example in Singapore where street food stalls Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle got a star. More recently we had dinner at The Harwood Arms, the only English pub in London awarded with a Michelin star. Which surprising kind of restaurant, food bar or food truck will be next in line after Chicago, Singapore and London?

Culinary beer at brewpub

Summer 2014 we had the pleasure of dining at restaurant Alinea from chef Grant Achatz in Chicago. Now we read that two Alinea alums, Michael Carroll and Craig Sindelar, started a brewpub. Here their chef creates food to match the designed beers. Last November their brewpub ‘Band of Bohemia’, became the first brewpub to be awarded with a Michelin star.

Michael Carroll was the baker at Alinea and Craig Sindelar the head sommelier. Which must have been one hell of a job, finding pairings for the inventive food of Grant Achatz. Carroll left Alinea and learned how the brew at another brewery. Later he came up with the idea for ‘Band of Bohemia’, where beer is treated the same way as the food. He shared the idea with Craig and 4 years later their brewpub was reality in the Ravenswood neighbourhood in Chicago. They serve a menu from their chef Matt Dubois who designs the food to pair with the beers Michael is brewing. For example: he brewed a ‘roasted beet-thyme’ beer. Read more in this article at Punch . Anyway, the next time we’re going to Chicago Band of Bohemia will be on our list to visit. ^Marjolein

Bron: Punch

Website: Band of Bohemia

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