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The Hague’s best bakery Victor Driessen is coming to you this year, his products can be picked up at his own pick up points.

In the beginning of 1900 it was a famous streetscape. Victor’s grandpa started delivering the breads of the Driessen family by literally jumping on his cargo bike. Bakery Victor Driessen relives old times, there is only a small difference.

Bankruptcy Bakery Victor Driessen

At the end of 2015 the bakery went bankrupt. Only one out of the six shops remained. Despite the bankruptcy the bread of Victor Driessen stayed immensely popular. This can be constituted by the fact clients keep on asking if Driessen could keep on delivering his breads.

Pick up point bread

In order to satisfy the needs of his clients, originating from his former stores at the Goudsbloemlaan, Fahrenheistraat and Prins Hendrikstraat he came up with the idea to “deliver” his breads. Not to his clients doorstep, that would increase the costs, but in the stores of colleague entrepreneurs. Every Tuesday and Thursday Victor is jumping on his cargo bike to deliver the breads in the stores. These stores are so-called pick up stores. There are various benefits of these pick up points, the baker can sell his breads at these pick up points and the shops, like Wijnhandel Kooper gets extra customers in their stores. An absolute win-win situation.

During times where online shops are getting more popular and real shops find it difficult to fill their stores with people this idea could be a great solution. Probably an idea for companies like Instock to let their clients pick up their food boxes in a real store.

Order bread

Ordering your bread can be done 24/7 at the webshop of Victor Driessen, and delivery is for free. The pick-up of your bread can be done every Tuesday and Thursday between 12:00 and 18:00 in the following shops, Bloembinderij Calendula, Wijnhandel Kooper and Pepita d’Oro Atelier. “An old traditions executed in a brand new style” says Victor Driessen.

Website: Bakery Victor Driessen

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