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The ‘Bakkerswinkel’ (Bakery Shop) in Amsterdam-West will start serving meals in the evening as from 14 November, starting on Friday and Saturday. Guests are welcome on these nights for a small or large meal.

A lunchroom during the day and a restaurant at night

Piet Hekker founder of the ‘Bakkerswinkel’ chain with 8 shops in Zoetermeer, Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam asked Andy Verdonk to coach and guide the kitchen team. All dishes will be freshly prepared in the kitchen and they will work with seasonal products. The menu includes dishes (entremets size) to taste, combine or share. Andy Verdonk will also teach his knowledge to the young (future) professionals who are educated at this shop in Amsterdam.

Philosophy of the ‘Bakkerswinkel’

The ‘Bakkerswinkel’ is a meeting place focused on people, product and the environment. All branches of the Baker Shops are unique and have their own atmosphere and identity, adapted to the environment. This is consistent with the philosophy of Piet Hekker; through cross-pollination the city, the craft and the design reinforce each other. Each property consists of a shop, a restaurant and a traditional kitchen / bakery, which is preferably open so that guest can see how their bread and meal are prepared. Making the craft of cook and baker more visible, fits into the trend of transparency.

Bakery blurring

Shop and restaurant in one, another fine example of blurring. The ‘Bakkerswinkel’ does it for 40 years already. What once started as a bakery/shop evolved into a lunchroom (with an extended evening opening in Zoetermeer). Recently the venue in Amsterdam followed with an evening opening as well. The ingredients used at the evening are not for sale in the shop. Something that might change in the near future.
Lke the times the gas stations got permission to sell food and some restaurant owners asked if they could start selling gas, there will probably be restaurant owners discussing if they could start selling bread!
Maybe those restaurant owners can make a small wink to the concept; In France I have got a small loaf of bread home after a delicious meal a couple of times. This to discuss dinner at breakfast while still enjoying the crafts of the same kitchen. ^ Marjolein

Website: www.facebook.com/debakkerswinkelamsterdamwest

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