Arctic Cold Brew | Made as easy as it looks


The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.

If you haven’t tried cold brew yet, you’re missing out. The flavor is delightfully smooth compared to the taste of your usual cup, and it packs more than enough of a caffeinated kick to get you going in the morning.

What is cold brew?

It’s a way of brewing coffee in cold water rather than the traditional method of using hot water. Cold brew has a longer extraction process which gives it a few advantages over your typical cup of coffee. For one, it tastes a lot smoother. The familiar bite of hot brewed coffee is caused by fatty acids, which are left behind during the cold brewing process. This means it’s not only easier on your taste buds but on your stomach as well.

Two weeks of fresh coffee

After brewing coffee grounds in cold water for a set amount of time you’re left with a coffee concentrate.

It has more caffeine by volume than regular hot brewed coffee, and can be used as a base for many different drinks: hot, cold, iced, or in a shake! The versatility of cold brew is a true game-changer in how you consume your daily dose of coffee.

Plus, with the Arctic, you can brew up an entire batch of cold brew at once to store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. It will stay fresh, flavorful, and still pack the same caffeine punch!


Arctic is currently raising money for their project on Kickstarter. With 4 days to go already 6.000 backers raised together around $ 450,000 more than the goal of $ 15,000. If you want one of the first Arctic cold brewers you can visit the project on the website of Kickstarter.

Bron: Kickstarter

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