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Inspired by the success of Treehotel, Arctic Bath, the floating open air cold bath is planned on Luleriver. It will be a year round attraction with the focus on wellness, summertime free-floating and wintertime frozen on Luleriver. Activities include cold baths, different water activities, several saunas, spa treatments, shop, lounge, hotel and restaurant. Another spa to put on your bucket list if you’re a wellness lover who enjoys a special experience!

Arctic Bath | Fairytale-like Spa on the Luleriver in Swedish Lapland

Tourist will be able to visit this Spa, located in the fairytale idyllic location on the Luleriver in the high north of Sweden, as from December 2018 when Arctic Bath is expected to open. Arctic Bath will be a new international floating hotel and cold bath in Harads, Swedish Lapland. Close to nature, the building is inspired by the timber floating era and becomes a monument, a reminder about the importance of forests for the entire country’s development. The mainbuilding is inspired by a jam of floating timber in the river.

Arctic Bath, floating on Luleriver, is planned to be situated downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors, Harads. The building has a circular shape which creates a protected environment. The center of the bath is great for both sunbathing and winter bathing, it is an open air cold bath. The cold bath is not for the fainthearted, during wintertime the water in the river stays at 4 degrees Celsius and the center pool will be kept free from ice. The main floating building also features several saunas, a spa treatment room, a lounge, a shop, a bar and a restaurant. The total area is approximately 500 square meter plus the 6 separate floating hotel rooms, each approximately 25 square meter. The Arctic Bath can also be used for small conferences, smaller group events and private parties.

CoolPlaces invests in Arctic Bath

CoolPlaces, a Belgian investment company from Maarten Raes and Katia De Vil does invest in Arctic Bath. Maarten Raes: “I strongly believe that a passion for a product can make a product successful. Already on the first meeting with the founders behind Arctic Bath AB, I could recognize the passion for what they created. I saw a very professional team with a big focus on quality, originality and sustainability. Arctic Bath AB is a project I can personally and professionally (through NORDIC) be very proud of that we can be part of it. I strongly believe in a project like this: no mass tourism but a well thought and very unique product founded through passion instead of money. This is exactly how I am personally feeling. I am very confident in the success of Arctic Bath AB.”  At the same time another Swedish entrepreneur also joins the team, Peter Engström who is one of the owners of nearby Storklinten. A ski resort located 20 minutes away by car.

Website: Artic Bath

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