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  • Amzterdamit ™ 0.0Amzterdamit ™ 0.0
  • Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 ginAmzterdamit ™ 0.0 gin
  • Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 rumAmzterdamit ™ 0.0 rum
  • Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 vodkaAmzterdamit ™ 0.0 vodka
  • Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 whiskyAmzterdamit ™ 0.0 whisky

An innovation of the Dutch Company  Amzterdamit™ 0.0, they found an unique formula to Manufacture The Amzterdamit™ “ORIGINAL” 0.0 Whiskey, 0.0 Gin, 0.0 Vodka, 0.0 Brandy, 0.0 Tequila and 0.0 Rum. They also created the pre-mix can versions WSKI Ginger Ale, RHM Cola, TQLA Retboel and GHN Tonic, all with a similar taste, smell and experience as the real alcohol products but based on 0.0 Alcohol. Unique is that they extract the alcohol from the original product, and replaced the ‘smooth bite’ by a combination of natural flavors. Amzterdamit™ 0.0  has a patent pending on this process.

Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 | How it started

Following the great success of the introduction of 0.0 beer by Heineken, Bavaria and other major beer brands and the politically desired attitude, towards less alcohol consumption (especially among young people), Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 created their 0.0 drinks. The product has recently been launched for the European market at the Dutch Horecava. The further roll-out is taking place in many European countries and is in full speed. Coming May is the introduction in Asia and in July in the United States, during 2019 Amzterdamit ™ will be rolled-out in the rest of the world.

Apart from the Food Service and Retail and Convenience Industry, airports and airlines are very interested, this industry is more and more struggling with passengers who cause problems in aircraft due to excessive drinking, and the aim of this industry to show their social responsibility towards there passengers.

Assortment  Amzterdamit ™ 0.0

Available in the tastes Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whisky and Brandy, all in 700 ml glass bottle, The Amzterdamit ™ Pre-Mix 250 ml in glass for the hospitality Industry and a 250 ml slim-can for the Convenience and Retail industry. They also created the pre-mix can versions WSKI Ginger Ale, RHM Cola, TQLA Retboel and GHN Tonic.

Website: Amzterdamit™ 0.0

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