American Italian restaurant, lounge & bar SPAZIO | New hotspot next to Rotterdam The Hague Airport


  • SPAZIO restaurant lounge & barSPAZIO restaurant lounge & bar
  • SPAZIO restaurant lounge & barSPAZIO restaurant lounge & bar
  • SPAZIO restaurant lounge & barSPAZIO restaurant lounge & bar
  • SPAZIO restaurant lounge & barSPAZIO restaurant lounge & bar
  • SPAZIO restaurant lounge & barSPAZIO restaurant lounge & bar

Rotterdam has gained a new hotspot, at a unique location just outside the city. Restaurant, lounge & bar spazio opens directly along the runway of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. An American Italian restaurant that will become the neighborhood’s new living room. At SPAZIO you step into an elegant yet sturdy design, where all your senses are immediately stimulated. The menu contains pure, honest dishes that have their origin in Italian cuisine with influences from America. The American Italian style refers to the long history of Italians who emigrated from different regions to the U.S. and settled in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston. They brought their age-old traditions, creating new favorite dishes and menus. SPAZIO continues this blend of cultures and will soon welcome everyone for lunches, drinks, dinner and (business) events.

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Restaurant, lounge & bar SPAZIO | Pure & fair & seasonal dishes

On the menu of SPAZIO are classic Italian dishes composed with influences from the new world. Think of an XL pizza with a diameter of 50 centimetres, fresh pasta, tender steaks and ‘street food’ with fine wines, beers and cocktails. The prices are more than reasonable, they consciously choose to use this pricing to make the restaurant accessible to everyone. In SPAZIO’s kitchen, the focus is on pure, fair and seasonal ingredients and the origin and sustainability of the products are taken into account. The classic Italian dishes and preparations find their way on the menu and are playfully interspersed with corruptions and inspirations from Italian American culture. The open kitchen with the Anti Pasti bar and impressive Morretti Pizza oven stands out in the restaurant, allowing guests to watch the food being prepared.

Living room feeling in a stylish setting

At restaurant SPAZIO, a familiar living room feeling has been created in a casual atmosphere, where everyone is welcome. The elegant interior has been composed with great care and therefore looks exclusive, yet accessible. Pop in for a drink with friends, dine with the whole family or invite a business associate for lunch. Throughout the year, SPAZIO welcomes its guests with great love. In the summer, you can enjoy a drink on the large terrace with an impressive view of the landing and departing planes from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In winter it is nice to stay in the American Style booths or one of the other cozy corners that have been created in the restaurant. Children have also been thought of at SPAZIO. There is a spacious play area in the restaurant and next to the terrace is a safe playground where they can play with a view of the runway. There is an interactive menu for the children and they can choose from various child-friendly, healthy dishes.

Unique location

The location of SPAZIO is ‘one of a kind’. The restaurant is located right along the runway of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, from where you can easily spot private jets, jumbo jets, sport pilots and helicopters. The characteristic building is a copy of the pre-war restaurant-café in the Waalhaven, where the Brasserie Waalhaven of the same name was previously located. The brasserie was very popular among plane spotters, and SPAZIO is happy to welcome them again. Thanks to its accessible location, close to the city and next to the highway, and the wide range of free parking options, makes it extra attractive for everyone from the wider area.

Groups, parties & meetings | The sky’s the limit

SPAZIO has many possibilities in terms of spaces. In addition to the bar, the restaurant, the large terrace and the spacious garden, which serve a wide range of possibilities, there are also two exclusive boardrooms and two large multifunctional rooms with private terraces. Groups can come to SPAZIO for any occasion. Weddings, family days, (garden) parties, friends outings, workshops, presentations, meetings, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a private dining experience, a business event or an ‘over the top’ party with all the trimmings, they will arrange it. ‘The Sky is the Limit’ and the team likes to think along to make every event extra special.

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Website: Restaurant, lounge & bar SPAZIO

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