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  • The Yuzu bird cocktail by IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & BarThe Yuzu bird cocktail by IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar
  • THE DUCHESS – the cocktail 'Golden Autumn'THE DUCHESS – the cocktail 'Golden Autumn'
  • The cocktail 'Take me to Hawaii' by MOMOThe cocktail 'Take me to Hawaii' by MOMO
  • MR PORTER - cocktail 'A Foxy Thing'MR PORTER - cocktail 'A Foxy Thing'
  • THE BUTCHER Social Club – the cocktail 'Cordial Beat'THE BUTCHER Social Club – the cocktail 'Cordial Beat'
  • Espresso Martini Boozy milkshake at THE BUTCHEREspresso Martini Boozy milkshake at THE BUTCHER

It’s almost time for ADE again! Between 19 and 23 October, Amsterdam turns yellow and that can only mean one thing; Amsterdam Dance Event. Especially for this week, The Entourage Group’s restaurants have created an ‘ADE Cocktail Guide’ for the city and a special cocktail will be added to each menu. So those looking to get in the mood before or after a party know where to go.

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IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar | Yuzu bird cocktail for the ADE Cocktail Guide

At Asian hotspot IZAKAYA, cocktails flow and the most unusual creations are prepared here. The popular bar is one of the must-go spots when it comes to socialising and drinking special cocktails. And of course, IZAKAYA cannot be left off this ‘cocktail guide’. For Amsterdam Dance Event, the restaurant has created a special that is obviously made based on Japanese Shõchu and together with the ingredient Yuzu, it becomes a surprising cocktail full of Asian flavours; Yuzu Bird Martini. So all dance lovers beware, because with this drink, you are sure to be in front of the DJ in no time.

THE DUCHESS | Golden Autumn

At the Michelin-starred restaurant THE DUCHESS, not only beautiful products play the starring role, but also the cocktail menu creates a breath-taking experience. Having won several awards, THE DUCHESS is one of Amsterdam’s bar hotspots. During Amsterdam Dance Event, this is definitely the right place for a cocktail or two. Especially for this week, the bartenders have composed a drink to be served alongside the menu; Golden Autumn for the ADE Cocktail Guide. This cocktail will be the star of the show during the week from 19 October to 23 October. It will get you in the perfect mood and ensure you can easily stay up until the early hours.

MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge | Take me to Hawaii

Bustling hotspot MOMO is your go-to location before or after a party during Amsterdam Dance Event. The popular bar ensures you quickly get into the mood while sipping one of your favourite cocktails. While the resident DJ plays the best records and gives you that real party-feeling, the bartenders will be shaking a delicious cocktail for you. For Amsterdam Dance Event, MOMO provides some tropical atmospheres with a special; Take me to Hawaii. This cocktail includes: vodka and a coconut syrup. After this drink, you are guaranteed to be thirsty for more.

MR PORTER | A Foxy Thing

With an impressive view of the Palace and De Dam, MR PORTER’s bar is lively at all hours of the day, transforming the place into a sexy and surprising venue at night. And that’s exactly what it’s all about during Amsterdam Dance Event. As you can expect from this restaurant, a special cocktail has been  added to the ADE Cocktail Guide that will make you spontaneously start dancing; A Foxy Thing. This cocktail blurs the boundaries between bar and kitchen, making this the perfect place for just a drink. Given its central location, you roll right in to your next party afterwards.

THE BUTCHER Social Club | Cordial Beat

The most Urban Playground during Amsterdam Dance Event is definitely THE BUTCHER Social Club. In this full-service playground, night owls and early risers come together. And exactly on that basis, this trendy burger bar has put together a cocktail that is not too high in alcohol, making this the perfect spot for an easy going cocktail. So for those who have just finished partying or those just starting out, the Cordial Beat suits every occasion. The cocktail is made with a base of Bombay Sapphire and Iced Tea. Of course, a DJ will provide the necessary beats during your visit.

And last but not least in the ADE Cocktail Guide | The Espresso Martini Boozy milkshake from THE BUTCHER

Have you ever heard of an Espresso Martini served as a boozy milkshake? Now is your chance to try it! The trendy burger bar THE BUTCHER is all about haute fast food, which you (might) know by now. But did you know it also serves boozy milkshake? And especially for Amsterdam Dance Event, THE BUTCHER has come up with a variation with one of its most popular cocktails; Espresso Martini. Between 19 and 23 October, you can order this special at the Albert Cuypstraat and Nine Streets location. But of course you can also easily have the milkshake delivered to your home via UberEats.

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