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We are all familiar with the cheese platter and the combination with port. These shot glasses made of cheese will give you the possibility to serve something unique. Instead of port or red wine served in a glass you might consider serving a shot glass made of cheese on your cheese platter. The video of the Facebookpage of PopSugar food will show you step-by-step how these shot glasses are made.

Make your own shot glasses made of cheese

First of all you have to grater the cheese and slowly heat in the microwave. After all the cheese is melted you have to put it in the molds. Ones the cheese has been set the shot glasses are ready to use. The shot glasses can be used in many different ways, and are not only suitable for port but can also be filled with a nice red wine as an addition to the cheese platter.

Let us know

Something else than the standard goat cheese, Brie, red- and blue mold cheeses! Are you putting these shot glasses from PopSugar food on your cheese platter? Don’t forget to send us some pictures! In the meanwhile you can have a look at the inspirational video of PopSugar food:

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