A first in the bowling world | Bowling alley adjustable in height


The patent has been requested last year by BCE Bowling and approved for a new form of bowling: a bowling alley that is adjustable in height. Interactive and elevated bowling alleys especially intended for the older bowlers. In May our colleagues from Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy will publish a whitepaper about facts and figures of the Dutch bowling world: ‘The bowling centre in the picture’. We’re already looking forward at the trends…

Bowling alley adjustable in height

For seniors it is often difficult to throw a ball, increasing the alley is one way to solve this problem. It’s expected that the first alley will be installed at the beginning of next year. This could become a new form of day-care in retirement homes for example, in view of aging. The alleys are created by BCE Bowling and as there are also interactive game elements linked, it could be fun to play with  grandchildren as well!

In an investigation under residents of retirement homes, it was found that a large part of the residents like the idea of having a bowling alley in their home. With the adjustments of the raised alley this seems realistic and it’s waiting for the first retirement homes with bowling alleys. And maybe a seniors match between the different retirement homes in the region?

Website: BCE Bowling

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