A creative solution for the waste problem on festivals


Everyone who ever visited a festival does know the waste problem. In no time the whole festival grounds is covered with empty plastic bottles, little pieces of paper and napkins. ThinkScream has the solution: 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi for those who throw their waste in a special bin! 

ThinkScream has the solution for the waste problem

‘De Efteling’ (a theme park in the Netherlands) started with ‘Holle Bolle Gijs’ (Hungry Chubby Gijs) in 1959. Everyone in the Netherlands knows him. Gijs loudly calls for food, whenever you puts some waste in his mouth Gijs will stop shouting for a moment to burb, fart or say thank you. A creative example on how to encourage people to throw their waste in a bin.

In India they also have this problem and the men behind ThinkScream came up with the idea of the ‘free Wi-Fi waste bin’. The idea is simple. All bins have a LED screen. When you throw waste in the bin, a code will appear on the screen giving you access to free Wi-Fi for 15 minutes within a radius of 50 meters. The waste bins have been used at several festivals in India already.

Other than the fact that the bins have a relatively high price tag (around € 1350,=) the idea isn’t that bad. Although the reach of Wi-Fi has become a lot better on festival lately sending video’s and pictures with your phone often is still troublesome. Besides that, the waste problem at festivals is a recurring subject. The waste bin from India offers a solution for both problems.

These bins would also come in handy for communities that could place them on crowded squares and other spots. The streets will stay clean and everyone loves a fast working Wi-Fi spot nowadays!

If you might have caught interest for the waste bins of ThinkScream, you will have to contact the producers in India. As far as we know they aren’t available in the Netherlands yet! So we stick with our friend ‘Holle Bolle Gijs’, although we don’t think this would work at festivals.

Website: ThinkScream

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